Who Is Aaron Aziz Hamid? Ferguson High School Teacher Arrested Over Inappropriate Activity

Aaron Aziz Hamid is a teacher at Ferguson High School. Let’s take a look at the teacher to learn why he is all over the media currently.

The teacher is somebody who molds the students, remains their idol, and shows them the right path. What will happen, if the teachers themselves get astray? 

Ironically, sometimes the teacher becomes the culprit of serious offenses. Hamid had a similar story that is shameful for his profession.

Who Is Aaron Aziz Hamid?

Aaron Aziz Hamid is 27 years old teacher at John A. Ferguson High School. The school is located, in Miami. Since the COVID-19 broke in, lots of schools remained closed.

Hamid was charged with having sex with his student, who is 16 years old. As per his arrest report based on some articles published, he is a History teacher.

He had been assigned an alternate assignment during the investigation for his case but now will be fired as he was found guilty, the official said on Tuesday, 9th Nov.

The Miami-Dade County Public School continued to remind all its employees of their professional, moral, and ethical duties and responsibilities.

He lost his job, and in the future, he will be banned from looking for a job, in the district. This case has to be a lesson to those intended to have illegal activities.

The authority said they had been in such an illegal relationship for about a year. Last month, October 2021, their activity got exposed in the school which, let this stop. 

Ferguson High School Teacher Arrested

The teen told the investigator that Hamid would drive to her home, take her out and carry out the illegal sexual activity in the car or at their Cutler Bay Home. 

Their activity had been discovered by one of the friends of the teen, and the rumor was spread. This is how the case was reached till the police.

The report said, he contacted the teen after she put the allegation, but she removed the content from her phone which, could have been incriminating information. 

What Are The Charges on Hamid By His Student?

The student was a teen in the first year and had been attending the online zoom classes with Hamid due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Hamid started the conversation, and they exchanged the number. However, the school district officials confirmed he had been employed for four years.

In addition, he didn’t have any record of disciplinary action. Unfortunately, he is charged for getting involved in sexual activity with a minor.

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Last Modified: November 9, 2021

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