Who Is Mannequin Tanya Drouginska? Wikipedia Husband And Her Secret Story Explored

Who Is Mannequin Tanya Drouginska? Wikipedia Husband And Her Secret Story Explored

Mannequin: Tanya Drouginska is a Fashion model, singer, and actress. Let’s take a quick second to learn more about the model and her ongoing life. 

Tanya Drouginska is a model who was the dean of season 11 of Secret Story. She was known for her volatility and her exuberance. She made her debut in the industry from her appearance on TF1’s Secret Story show. 

The former international model Tanya quickly made her buzz amongst her fans and followers. Alongside her modeling career, she is also a singer and an actress. She has released her second single, Un Tableau de Hopper. 

Over the years, people are growing more curious about her personal life and know her on a more personal level. Let’s take a quick insight into her life here. 

Mannequin: Who Is Tanya Drouginska? Wikipedia Explored 

Tanya Drouginska is a fashion model who describes herself timeless as a UFO. Tanya is also an actress and a singer who is pursuing her career in the industry. However, she has yet to have her autonomous page on the official Wikipedia website. 

She put her modeling career on hold during her twenties. She then decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and pursued a commercial career in furniture and decor. Later on, Tanya again followed her dream and began as a senior model. 

In addition, she also joined Rene Simon and Jean-Laurent Cochet classes simultaneously. Tanya also took a theatre class in 2006 with Frederic Yana. Later on, in 2008, she attended class with Oscar Sisto. 

The model has posed for companies like The Kooples, Marithe & Francois Girbaud, and Virgin. Moving on, in 2007, she became the face of the luxury brand, Dior. 

Tanya Drouginska Husband: Inside Her Family 

There are no reports of Tanya Drouginska’s husband on the Internet to date. However, back in 2018, she did mention that she has a companion while maintaining the privacy of her man just like her family members. 

Though she is active on her social media, she has maintained to keep her personal life far from the spotlight. She uses the platform to share her amazing clicks from her modeling gigs. Tanya also uses her social media to talk about the ongoing issues in the world. 

Secret Story 11 Tanya Drouginska Life Explored 

64 years old Tanya Drouginska who appeared on Secret Story season 11 recognizes herself as a model, actress, and singer. It is a Spanish version of a reality show which is based on the original French version.

Tanya made her singing debut in 2016 releasing Resurrection. Followingly, her acting debut credit is from Christian Duguay’s television film Coco Chanel in 2008.

At the present time, she has been working with Martine’s Women Agency, Mrs. Robin Management, and Alexandre Dumont

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Who Is Mannequin Tanya Drouginska? Wikipedia Husband And Her Secret Story Explored

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