Dateline: What Happened To Carla Walker? Murder Mystery And Killer Glen Samuel McCurley- Is He In Jail?

Dateline: What Happened To Carla Walker? Murder Mystery And Killer Glen Samuel McCurley- Is He In Jail?

Carla Walker is the girl who was kidnapped, assaulted, and killed in 1974. Dateline will feature her story on Friday night. 

Carla Walker was 17 years old when she was abducted and brutally murdered. Her family waited for more than four decades for justice. The episode will air at 8 PM on Friday. McCoy was the first witness to testify during McCurley, the killer’s trial in August.

He talked about how Carla always made him laugh and how the two met in high school. He also detailed the time that transformed his life when Carla was taken right in front of him in the courtroom.

Dateline Features Carla Walker Murder Saga- What Happened To Her?

Dateline will feature the story of Carla Walker, five months after her murderer has been convicted. In addition, Rodney McCoy, Carlas’ boyfriend at the time of her abduction, will participate in the Dateline segment to discuss the last time he saw his high school love.

McCoy and Carla went to the Western Hills High School Valentine’s Day Dance on February 16, 1974. They parked at the Ridglea Bowl parking lot after the dance so she could use the restroom.

They began kissing in his mother’s 1969 LTV. McCoy leaned over the top of Carla, who was leaning against the passenger side door with her purse behind her head. The passenger door opened unexpectedly.

They found McCurley on the other side of the door. McCurley hit McCoy over the head with a.22 Ruger revolver. With blood flowing down his face, McCoy couldn’t determine if Carla had been dragged from the vehicle, but he knew she wasn’t in the seat next to him.

Murder Mystery Of Carla Walker Solved As Killer Glen Samuel McCurley Arrested 

After decades, Carla Walker’s murder mystery was finally solved, and the court convicted Glen Samuel McCurley.

Walker’s corpse was discovered in a ditch near Benbrook Lake three days later. She’d been abused, beaten, and strangled several times after three days of her kidnapping, writes WFAA

Carla’s murder was investigated in 1974, and McCurley was interrogated by police as well. The magazine of McCurley’s.22 Ruger was dislodged and dropped into the parking lot as he hit McCoy with it.

The magazine was one of the few pieces of evidence available at the time, and it was used to trace the sales of Rugers in the region. The police discovered that one of the buyers was McCurley.

According to an affidavit, he informed authorities on April 3 of that year that his Ruger had been robbed six weeks prior, around the time of Carla’s death. He also stated that his wife was out of town and that he was not working on Feb 16 and 17. 

He was not questioned by police again for over 50 years. The investigators finally found a breakthrough in the case from 2018 to 2020. 

Is Carla Walker Murderer In Jail?

Carla Walker’s murderer, Gelen Samuel McCurley, is currently in jail. The case was finally solved after analyzing DNA using advanced technologies.

Othram, a forensic genealogy lab in a Houston suburb, and the Serological Research Institute in Richmond, California, generated and examined a DNA profile.

The DNA profile was subsequently matched to a DNA sample taken from McCurley, first from a McDonald’s straw found in his garbage and later from a direct DNA sample he provided.

McCurley was detained at his Fort Worth residence on September 21, 2020. In addition, he resided near the Walkers’ home. His sons also attended the same school as Carla.

McCurley first pled not guilty to the murder throughout the trial. However, it changed after Tarrant County prosecutors released a video of him confessing to killing the 17-year-old in an interview with detectives Wagner and Bennett.

He denied knowing Carla or having anything to do with her murder throughout the first hour of the three-hour questioning. But, he ultimately confessed when the detective told him about DNA evidence.

When he strangled and murdered Carla, he told Fort Worth investigators that he “just got carried away.” Thus, the judge immediately sentenced him to prison life. 

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