Who Is David Russell From Timberlane High School? Teacher Charged With Misconduct

Who Is David Russell From Timberlane High School? Teacher Charged With Misconduct

David Russell, a high school teacher of Timberlane High School was accused of physical assault. Aren’t teachers supposed to lead the student but not all of them do so?

There are lots of cases when students are not treated well by their teachers the way they are supposed to do. News of students being a victim by their teachers is revealed. 

A similar case has been on social media as breaking news regarding David Russell assaulting his student. The Timberlane Regional High School teacher is charged with multiple accuses.

Who Is David Russell Timberlane High School?

David Russell is a math teacher employed with Timberlane High School. Finding him guilty, police arrested him but, he was released on personal-recognizance bail. 

He’s not allowed to contact the alleged victim. The teacher is rescheduled to be arraigned on January 31st in Salem District Court, police said. In November, he was on administrative leave.

The school decided that as they learned about the allegation. The school officials think he should be on administrative leave till the district’s investigation come up with a conclusion.

There is often news regarding school violence that involves teachers, racial differences, and many more reasons. If this continues, parents won’t feel safe sending their kids to school.

Timberlane Superintendent Brian Cochrane said they received the complaint against Russell on November 8. They communicated the same to the New Hampshire Department of Edu.

In addition, they advised the parents of the victim to report to the Plaistow Police regarding the allegation. For the charges, Russell’s penalty will be a year of jail and a $2000 fine.

What Are The Charges To The Teacher David Russel - Misconduct

The 63 years old teacher was charged with two misdemeanor counts of simple assault and one misdemeanor count of sexual assault. Police said the victim is a juvenile high school student.

On 15th December 2021, Russell turned himself to the police after a warrant was issued for his arrest in connection with a molestation investigation as per Plaistow police.

He is the math teacher of the school. As per the police, he cannot be on the school premises of Timberlane Regional High School for his misconduct. Such teachers are a shame of school.

Is David Russell Arrested?

David Russell is arrested after the lengthy investigation carried out upon receiving the complaint against him. Police said they received a complaint against him for physical assaults.

Last month also there was news of Aaron Aziz Hamid, who was in an illegal relationship with a minor and his student. He was the teacher of Ferguson High School, in Miami.

Russell’s age is old enough for him to carry out such inappropriate acts to the students. There is a question if he had been doing such assault to his students even in the past.