Who Is Melissa Whitworth? Everything About The Reporter Wife Of LA Rams Tackle Andrew Whitworth

Melissa Whitworth is the celebrity wife of Andrew Whitworth, a professional American football player of the LA Rams. Learn more about the spouse.

Melissa Whitworth is an award-winning reporter of the North Louisiana area. 

Moreover, Melissa is the winner of the Miss Louisiana pageant 2003 and also the Miss Teen Louisiana 1998.

Melissa also won the mirrored ball in 2016 in Cincinnati’s version of Dancing With the Stars.

Who Is Andrew Whitworth Wife Melissa Whitworth? Wikipedia And Bio

Melissa Whitworth, the wife of Andrew Whitworth, is the founder of the BigWhit 77 Foundation along with her husband, according to Wikipedia.

Likewise, Melissa is a journalist who has worked for NBC10 and Fox14 News in Monroe, Louisiana.

Melissa attended Ruston High School and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology in 2003. Further, she studied Masters’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Louisiana Tech.

Similarly, she was a contestant at National Sweetheart 2000 and previously National Sweetheart 2001. 

In 2020, Melissa also donated $50,000 to The Serving Spoon in Inglewood during the pandemic. The restaurant owner shared an emotional video plea asking the community to save their restaurant.

Melissa Whitworth Age: How Old Is She?

Melissa Whitworth will be 42 years old this coming April of 2022. She was born to her parents, Cindy Cooley Clark and Michael Earl Clark on 29 April 1980, in Ruston, Louisiana.

On the other hand her husband, Andrew Whitworth is 40 years old as he was born on 12 December 1981.

The couple has one year gap and Andrew is younger than Melissa which does not seem much of a difference between the loving pair.

Meet Melissa Whitworth Children

Melissa Whitworth has four children with Andrew Whitworth. The couple got married in 2006 and waited 5 years to have their firstborn.

Their children are named Michael Lee, Katherine Kay, and twins Sarah and Drew Bearah. 

Melissa gave birth to their twins, Sarah and Drew, in February 2011, then they had another son, Michael, in 2013 with a 2-year gap. And right after, their daughter, Katherine, was born in October 2014.

Andrew Whitworth Net worth In 2022

Melissa Whitworth Husband Andrew Whitworth’s net worth in 2022 is $47 million dollars.

The American football offensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL has earned quite a name and fame for himself.

Moreover, Andrew is a founder of the BigWhit 77 Foundation established in 2009, and is active in the community doing charity works.

Andrew hosts various fund-raising golf tournaments events in Louisiana. He further serves as a motivational speaker to youth groups in both Greater Cincinnati and Louisiana.

In 2020, they donated $250,000 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank during the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic.

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