Twitch: Pokimane’s 2022 Net Worth Is More Than $2 Million -How Rich Is She? Everything To Know

Pokimane, a Twitch star, has a net worth of more than $2 million in 2022. 

The Twitch broadcaster is trending online after speaking out against sexist attitudes while streaming. Some followers commented that most of her followers watch her streams only because they find her attractive. 

One of the well-known creators, Felix “xQc” Lengyel, also came forward to speak against sexism and support her.

He questioned why Pokimane was being harassed simply because she was a woman. And, he added that people should not be poisonous to anyone regardless of gender.

Twitch Star Pokimane’s Has More Than $2 Million Net Worth In 2022

Pokimane is a Twitch star with more than $2 million net worth in 2022. She is an internet sensation, gamer, and content creator.

She has also starred in a film called Free Guy. She and other gamers and broadcaster Jacksepticeye, Ninja, DanTDM, and LazarBeam, made cameo cameos throughout the film. 

They provided comments on Guy on their individual YouTube and Twitch channels from their views. She started streaming on Twitch in June of 2013.

Later that year, she began streaming on a $250 PC she purchased from a classifieds website after reaching Platinum status in League of Legends. Her comments and gaming on the League of Legends lead her to prominence on the streaming platform. 

She was named as Best Twitch Streamer In the Shorty Awards. She also got an opportunity to make a cameo appearance in a League of Legends trailer when they promoted a new game mode. 

How Rich Is Pokimane?

Pokimane is famous and one of the rich internet celebrities. She has a direct partnership with Twitch. Twitch chose her as one of 15 ambassadors for the 2018 TwitchCon event.

They also added her as a partner for Twitch Creator Camp in 2018. It was a series of broadcasts and articles aimed at helping content producers develop successful channels. She struck a multi-year exclusive deal with Twitch in March 2020.

Thus, Social Blade cited her as the 9th most popular Twitch user, with over 8.5 million followers as of December 21, 2021.

Pokimane Ethnicity Explored 

Pokimane, real name, Imane Anys, ethnicity is Moroccans. She was born in Morocco on May 14, 1996. 

However, her family relocated to Quebec, Canada, when she was four. Her parents were professors.

She studied chemical engineering at McMaster University before dropping out to focus on her streaming business full-time. She is residing in Los Angeles, California, at present. 

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Last Modified: January 18, 2022

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Twitch: Pokimane’s 2022 Net Worth Is More Than $2 Million -How Rich Is She? Everything To Know

Pokimane, a Twitch star, has a net worth of more than $2 million in 2022.  The Twitch broadcaster is trending...

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