Who Is Maggot Girl On Tiktok? Santosogerio On Facebook As The TMZBaltimore Video Goes Viral

Who Is Maggot Girl On Tiktok? Santosogerio On Facebook As The TMZBaltimore Video Goes Viral

Who is Maggot Girl On TikTok? The woman went viral on social media; after the leaked video. 

Maggot Girl has become the most talking subject over the internet recently. People have been searching for the girl’s information after her viral video. 

The user is a webster who also uploaded several other content videos on the account. Even so, the most recent post of the user has flooded over the internet.

Additionally, TikTok users started to review the video and used hashtags “Maggot or Maggot Girl.” With this woman getting viral, let’s get to know her better.

Who Is Maggot Girl On Tiktok? 

Maggot Girl has ruled over TikTok. The users have been talking about her and her leaked video. 

The viral girl goes by the name Santosogerio on her social media accounts. With the woman’s face blurred, her identity remains hidden for now. 

However, some internet sources have claimed that the girl’s real name is Ariella Nyssa, and she is a young woman who is around 25-years-of age, pursuing her career in modeling.   

She came to light after the leaked video abruptly went viral over the internet. Besides this, nothing much is available about her. 

@qu33nbeeee #duet with @honeyconehideout I cant…. FB Name: SANTOSOGERIO click the link on the picture 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 #disgusting #omggggg #fyp ♬ original sound - iLoveH.E.R.

Santosogerio On Facebook As The TMZBaltimore Video Goes Viral

Santosogerio is an anonymous social media user who posts different content. However, the identity of the admin has remained a mystery till now. 

The user Santosogerio leaked TMZ Baltimore’s video flooded over the internet. The whole thing started with Twitter, and further people started sharing it to different social media platforms. 

Facebook is one of the platforms where different users have shown their reactions to the video. Either way, it has received a lot of negative comments. 

Regardless of the video and the girl getting popular quickly, people have not liked it and found it sickening. 

Find Maggot Girl On Twitter

Maggot Girl goes by the username Santosogerio on Twitter. Her getting viral all started with the video getting leaked on Twitter. 

However, it seems like the user has deleted the social media accounts recently after the viral maggot posts. 

Even though the user was not available on social media, people shared their reaction videos on Twitter. Santosogerio is the webster who used to upload different hilarious content. 

Even so, the actual person behind the account has always been hidden and not known. That being so, the real user ID of the maggot girl is too not available.

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