Who Is Ariana Guerra From Promised Land? Everything About Actress Wikipedia Details To Know

Who Is Ariana Guerra From Promised Land? Everything About Actress Wikipedia Details To Know

Ariana Guerra is a Hollywood actress famous for her roles in many movies and TV Series like Helstorm, Five Feet Apart, and Raising Dion. 

Ariana Guerra, who is famous for her role in Helstorm, is in the news recently in 2022 for being cast in ABC’s new series Promised Land. 

The actress, who studied at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and Film, has been in the industry for more than a decade. However, she is recently rising to prominence due to good performance landing her excellent roles in Hollywood. 

With her increasing buzz, she has fans and audiences curious to know more about her personal life. So, we compiled the answers to a list of questions her fans may have for her.  

What Is Ariana Guerra Race and Nationality?

Ariana Guerra is of American Nationality and belongs to the Hispanic race. Similarly, she comes from a family of Mexican immigrants who settled in the USA. 

As a Hispanic Latina, the actress is vocal in her activism against racial injustice and has shared many posts supporting BLM protests and protesting against Trump’s deportation policies. 

She has been open about facing discrimination from her childhood and being told to go back to her country, even though she was born and raised in Texas. 

How Old Is Ariana Guerra Age?

Ariana Guerra is around 28 years old as of 2022, as per her available details. 

Although Ariana has not revealed her exact birth date, she has a post of her 23rd birthday in Jan 2017 on her Instagram@ariana.a.guerra. From there, her birth month and year can be estimated to be January 1994, respectively.

However, the 5 feet 7-inch actress seems to be a private person who does not indulge in much media interaction. So further personal details about her upbringing throughout the years are unknown. 

Is Ariana Guerra On Wikipedia? Promised Land Actress Bio Explored

Ariana Guerra is an actress featured on the Wikipedia of her shows Helstorm and Promised Land, while she herself does not have a Wiki page. 

Her upcoming work in the 2022 TV series Promised Land discusses in its wiki page the plot of the show. It follows the generation fable about the battle of power between two Latinx families in California’s Sonoma Valley. 

Her fans can see the actress portraying the role of Mona Sanchez in the show.

Who Is Ariana Guerra Husband Or Boyfriend?

Ariana Guerra does not have a husband, but she is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Julian Martinez.

She has shared many posts with loving captions dedicated to her partner on her Instagram. However, as she is private, she has not revealed how long they have been dating. Similarly, details about her bf are also not available as he has a private account. 

The couple looks happy and comfortable in their relationship and hopes to have a beautiful future ahead.

Ariana Guerra Family

Ariana Guerra has a family of five with her mother, father, and two sisters.

The actress has shared some pictures about her family on her Instagram, but she has not revealed their details.

Her father is a basketball coach, and her sister Cari is studying dentistry. Her other sister Bria has a son and is expecting another child, so the actress is set to become an aunt one more time. Details about her mother are unknown. 

From her Instagram, we can see that her family loves playing basketball. They also enjoy celebrating festivals together. The actress has shared many pictures of her family bonding over celebrations, cooking, and games. 

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