ABC: Who Is Tonatiuh Elizarraraz? Everything To Know About The Actor From ABC’s Show Promised Land

ABC: Who Is Tonatiuh Elizarraraz? Everything To Know About The Actor From ABC’s Show Promised Land

Tonatiuh Elizarraraz is one of the cast members in ABC’s upcoming pilot, Promised Land. Learn everything about the Los Angeles-based actor and his ongoing life. 

Tonatiuh Elizarraraz has appeared on ABC’s upcoming pilot, Promised Land. It is an American family drama that illustrates the story of two Latinx families competing for power and wealth in California’s Sonoma Valley. Alongside they also showed a generation gap. 

The drama is the complete package of drama, backstabbing, s*x, secrets, and touching on the American dream. Matt Lopez is the writer and executive producer and says it is inspired by his family. ABC drama checkmarks the first network drama ever starring an all-Latinx cast. 

Tonatiuh will be playing the character of Antonio Sandoval, one of the children of the Sandoval family. As he is showing his amazing skills on-screen, let’s take a quick second to know about him. 

Who Is Tonatiuh Elizarraraz From ABC Show Promised Land? Wikipedia Details 

Tonatiuh Elizarraraz is a Los-Angeles based actor known for his appearance on shows like Promised Land (2020). The reason behind him pursuing an acting career was his interest in stories, television, and films. He has yet to have his page on the Wikipedia website. 

During an interview, he mentioned the joy of acting came from wanting to belong and being around people. Elizarraraz also mentioned the dark side of his story was he needed to learn to shift his behavior to belong as a means of survival. 

He looked for a sense of belonging through acting as he was bullied growing up. Elizarraraz learned performing arts from West Covina High School from the class of 2011. After his graduation, he was the youngest member of the actor’s workshop at South Coast Rep. 

One of his roads to success is his tenacity and laser focus on his values. In his beginning days, he hopped from gigs to gigs which brought him to stardom in today’s date. 

How Old Is Tonatiuh Elizarraraz? Age Revealed 

As of 2022, the age of Tonatiuh Elizarraraz is 29 years old. He was born on January 3, 1993. Elizarraraz tends to live quite a private life though pursuing his career as a public figure. 

Growing up he grew up listening to the stories of the people in the beauty salon that his mom worked on. His mom used to scold him for being nosy which didn’t stop his curiosity all along. 

Does Tonatiuh Elizarraraz Have A Girlfriend? Meet Him On Instagram 

There is no sign of Tonatiuh Elizarraraz having a girlfriend on his Instagram or anywhere on the web at the moment. 

He might be more focused on his career and is planning to give it all gaining a successful level before thinking about love matters.

Tonatiuh is quite active on his page with the username @iamtonatiuh and more than 5K followers.

On one of his posts, he jokingly wrote that it could be them but “you ghosted” on a picture of him dancing with his co-star on a show. This can be a hint that he is possibly single at the present time. 

Who Are Tonatiuh Elizarraraz Parents? His Ethnicity

Tonatiuh Elizarraraz doesn’t mention his parent’s identity in the media. However, he does posts his mother’s picture online on special occasions. Tonatiuh is a Los Angeles-based bilingual actor. 

As per the reports, his mother used to work in a beauty salon while his father’s identity still remains a mystery. In addition, his mother also joins him on his red-carpet appearances. His mother is extremely supportive of his acting career. 

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