Who Is Anthony Cincotta From MAFS 2022? Meet The Former Pro Wrestler On Instagram

Who Is Anthony Cincotta From MAFS 2022? Meet The Former Pro Wrestler On Instagram

Anthony Cincotta is a Melbourne-based professional wrestler and actor from Australia. Learn more about him through this article.

Anthony Cincotta is a pro wrestler who has also worked in various films. He can now be seen on the upcoming reality TV show “Married At First Sight” 2022. 

The television show is set to be released on January 31, 2022. Anthony is the standard and happy man born from romance novels. He is searching for a woman who can match his drive and excitement for life in the show.

Furthermore, Cincotta has a masculine and alter ego but he is a deep thinker and has a sensitive side as well. He wants “a Morticia to my Gomez”.

Who Is Anthony Cincotta From MAFS 2022? Wikipedia

Anthony Cincotta is a professional wrestler as well as an actor who is all set to appear on MAFS Australia 2022. His biography has not been featured on the official Wikipedia sites.

However, we have managed to gather a few details about him. Anthony is a great wrestler who is well-known by his name Tommy Hellfire between the audiences.

Moreover, Cincotta has also appeared in various short films. Additionally, it is announced that he is starring in the upcoming comedy horror ‘Evil Fred’. 

Anthony Cincotta Age- How Old Is He?

Anthony Cincotta’s age is 38 years old. He is from Victoria. He is yet to reveal his exact date of birth to the public.

Cincotta stands 6 feet and 4 inches (1.93m) tall. He is tall, dark, and handsome. He has dominated the Australian Professional Wrestling industry since 2006.

In addition, the reality TV star has also won the heavyweight championship gold across the country. He speaks English as his primary language, but his accents are Australian, USA California, USA Southern, Italian, and South African.

Anthony Cincotta Job And Net Worth Explored

Anthony Cincotta’s job is a pro wrestler and an actor whose net worth is still unknown. However, we came to know that he earns approximately 70000 per year.

In Australia, professional entry-level wrestlers have $41,000. An Average level wrestlers have $540,000, and AUD 66,000 per year. So, calculating that Cincotta has more than $70,000 a year.

As the reality TV star’s career is growing gradually, we can assume that he must be earning great wealth with his success and hard work. After his appearance on MAFS 2022, his fans and viewers are highly supporting him.

Find Anthony Cincotta On Instagram: Is He Active On Social Media?

Anthony Cincotta can be found on Instagram with the username @anthonycincotta_. He does not seem to be much active on social media as his profile is yet to be verified by the respective site.

Cincotta has 816 followers and is following 72 people on Instagram. His total count of posts is only two. He might have recently joined the social media site after the show, MAFS.

Furthermore, the reality TV star’s first post was on September 2, 2021, and the most recent post was a week ago. His bio on his Instagram profile says; “Strong. Passionate. Father.”, “Participant on @MAFS 2022”, #MAFS.

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