Who Is Noah Perchard From Astrid And Lilly Save The World? Everything To Know About The Actor

Who Is Noah Perchard From Astrid And Lilly Save The World? Everything To Know About The Actor

Noah Perchard is a young actor who is in the buzz for his role in the upcoming TV Series Astrid and Lilly Save The World. 

Noah Perchard is a budding young actor from Canada with a good future in Hollywood. 

As someone who began acting from a young age in local theatres and advertisements, he made his big TV debut in Season 3, Episode 10 of Hudson and Rex, playing the role of Corner Meadows.

From there, it has been all uphill for the actor as he has made another big break on the SYFY TV Series Astrid and Lilly Save The World. 

The show, which is set to release on January 26, 2022, has grasped the minds of the audience and fans alike for its gripping story and a stellar performance from the trailer. 

He has also featured in a fan film titled ‘Spiderman: Power and Responsibility which is bringing further praise for him. Know more about this up-and-coming actor below. 

Who Is Noah Perchard From Astrid And Lilly Save The World? Wikipedia Bio

Noah Perchard is a young actor known for his role in Astrid And Lilly Save The World, but he does not have a Wikipedia profile at the moment. The young talent still has some more achievements to gain until he gets one. 

Noah is from the Newfoundland and Labrador Province of Canada. He seems to have completed his high school at the local St. Kevins High School. 

He has been acting since a young age in local commercials, theatres, and TV in the Eastern province of Canada. As this is all the information he has revealed publicly, not much about his background and previous experiences are known for now. 

Noah Perchard Age: How Old Is The Actor? 

Noah Perchard is a 20 years old actor who has just begun his career in the world of fame and television. 

An interview with NTV News back in March 2021 revealed that Noah achieved much success at the young age of 19. They also mentioned how his talents are lifting his career from one project to another.

The 5 ft 8 Inch hunk graduated his high school as the class of 2019. However, his exact birth date or year is not disclosed publicly by the actor. 

Noah Perchard Parents And Nationality

Noah Perchard and his parents belong to Canadian nationality as per his available information. The actor and his family come from the Eastern Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. 

His mother and father have been very supportive of his decision to pursue acting as a way to cope with his anxiety. They are also very happy with the success he has gained at his adolescent age. 

However, other details regarding his parents, including their names have not been revealed by the young actor. 

Noah Perchard Girlfriend Annika Lindstrom

Noah Perchard is rumored to have a girlfriend named Annika Lindstrom, but either party is yet to confirm their relationship.

In the meantime, we can see that he has shared many pictures with her on his Instagram @noahperchard.

Nevertheless, he has neither confirmed nor denied his relationship with her. But, we can see that his posts have loving captions and sweet replies from Annika. It seems that they make each other happy. So, maybe the rumors are true. 

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