Roger Aguilera Camionero Accidente - A Look At The Cuban Driver With 110 Years In Prison

Roger Aguilera Camionero Accidente – A Look At The Cuban Driver With 110 Years In Prison

Roger Aguilera Camionero Accidente: Cuban driver gets 110 years in prison after he accidentally crashed over 4 people. Social media users have gone crazy over the verdict. 

Camionero Accidente: Roger Aguilera has now been given a prison sentence of 110 years after he killed 4 people and injured several others in an accident in April 2019. The truck driver went out of control and crashed his truck over people in Denver, Colorado. 

For the last two years, he was awaiting trial and the verdict has surprised everyone. Internet users have slammed the jurors as they gave a “harsh” sentence for an accident. 

Roger Aguilera Camionero Accidente: Who Is The Truck Driver?

Roger Aguilera is a Cuban truck driver based in the United States. 

The truck driver over a lot of people and several other vehicles in Denver, Colorado, in April 2019. The accident killed four people, Doyle Harrison, William Bailey, Miguel Arellano, and Stanley Politano. 

Also, he injured a dozen of other drivers as well. He is now found guilty on 27 counts and has received a jail time of 110 years. 

However, the driver insisted that it was the mechanical failure of the brakes that led to the accident, a claim which was found true.  But still, the jury decided to give him such a sentence saying that he should have checked the brakes. 

Roger Aguilera Truck Crash: What Happened?

Roger Aguilera crashed a truck in Colorado’s high county. 

According to the reports, the truck was coming down from the mountains and was at a speed of around 140km/hr. As the brakes were not working, it encountered several vehicles that were not moving. 

The collision was so powerful that it caused a huge fire that killed 4 people and injured dozens of others. The accident took place in Denver, in April 2019. 

Roger Aguilera Age And Ethnicity

Roger Aguilera is very young as he is just 26 years of age. 

Moving on to his ethnicity, he is Cuban. He was born and raised in Surgidero De Batabano, Cuba. He later moved to the States and started driving trucks. As per the reports, he didn’t have much experience driving either. 

We will update you more about his family soon. 

Rogel Aguilera Prison Sentence: Reduced Or Not?

Thousands of people have signed a petition to reduce the prison sentence of Rogel Aguilera. 

However, no such thing has happened until now. People on social media sites have turned sympathetic over the young driver as they think the sentence is ‘harsh” and “racially motivated.”