Who Are The Baldung Witches In Archive 81? Is Melody Pendras Also A Part of The Witch Gang?

Who Are The Baldung Witches In Archive 81? Is Melody Pendras Also A Part of The Witch Gang?

The Baldung Witches in Archive 81 is an ancient group who has fought to prevent the opening of the doors of the other world.

Archive 81 is the latest Netflix series that depicts American horror along with secret cults, unknown entities, and mysterious witch gangs.

It is streaming on Netflix since 14 January 2022 with stars Mamoudou Athie and Dina Shihabi in leading roles. 

The series is developed by Rebecca Sonnenshine, written by Paul Harris Boardman, and produced by Sonnenshine, Boardman, and James Wan.

Who Are The Baldung Witches In Archive 81? 

The Baldung Witches in Archive 81 are the most powerful ancient witches who go on the journey to save the world from other entities.

The war between the two ancient bodies delivers a story of the series following the ventures of Melody Pendras and Dan Turner.

As an archivist, Dan takes the job of reviving impaired videotapes, he gets pulled into a vortex of an enigma involving a missing director and demonic cult.

The supernatural phenomenon takes Melody Pendras on a venture as she attempts to make a video project about the Visser Building and its occupants.

The Baldung is first mentioned when Melody breaks into the recently deceased father Russo’s study. 

There she finds an ancient scripture that mentions the Baldung which is an ancient coven of witches that apparently gave up their powers.

One side is the mysterious cult, the Vos family which Samuel is a part of. We see this group perform rituals in front of the statue of Kaelego.

Another is the Baldung, trying to stop the cult from merging the real world with Kaelego’s other world.

Is Melody Pendras Also A Part of The Witch Gang?

Yes, Melody Pendras is also a part of The Witch Gang as she notices her mother’s ring in an episode.

Her mother wears the ring around her neck and it has a Baldung sigil so we can assume Melody might have inherited some of her mother’s magic. Hence she is also of Baldung heritage.

This may be the reason her mom abandoned Melody as a child to keep her away from danger as supernatural affairs encircling Kaelego and the Baldung.

Melody now has to uncover her legacy and use her powers to rescue Dan and make use of what she has been given.

Baldung Witches Origin and Gang Members

As the show ”Archive 81” has just aired on Netflix, the Baldung origin and gang members are yet to be discussed.

We can see new faces on the show like Mamoudou Athie as Daniel “Dan” Turner, Dina Shihabi as Melody Pendras as the lead.

The other main characters are Evan Jonigkeit as Samuel Spare, Julia Chan as Anabelle Cho, Ariana Neal as Jessica “Jess” Lewis, Matt McGorry as Mark Higgins, and Martin Donovan as Virgil Davenport.

We also see Charlie Hudson III as Steve Turner, Kate Eastman as Tamara Stefano, and Eden Marryshow as John Smith.

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