Facebook: Who Is Chad Isaak? Washburn ND Trial Update, Daughter and Full Story Here

Facebook: Who Is Chad Isaak? Washburn ND Trial Update, Daughter and Full Story Here

A recent post of Chad Issak Trial Live stream is circulated on Facebook rapidly. Please continue reading this article to find out who Chad Isaak Is.

Chad was found guilty of the murder of four employees at a Mandan property management agency in April of this year.

In the Morton County Courthouse, Chad Isaak is sentenced.

Prosecutors said that Isaak, 47, planned and executed the murders of four RJR Maintenance and Management workers, William and Lois Cobb, Adam Fuehrer, and Robert Fakler, and the jury agreed.

Who Is Chad Isaak? Washburn ND Trial Update On the Murder case

According to the officials, a forty-seven-year-old North Dakota man named Chad Isaak was sentenced to life terms without the possibility of parole on Tuesday for killing four people in one of the state’s most brutal crimes in its history.

Isaak, wearing a blue mask, stood still and gazed straight ahead as the judge read his judgment. “I can honestly guarantee you, I’m not a murderer, and that’s all I have to say,” Isaak said to the court before receiving his fate.

The live footage of the Trial is circulating all over Facebook and other social media, where we can find Chad being nervous in the video.

Nonetheless, the reason behind murdering the four victims is yet not revealed by Chad.

However, the police departments are trying their best to find out the actual motive behind the horrible incident performed by Chad.

According to the KVRR Local News, the four were shot and stabbed inside the property management company’s headquarters in Mandan, a community of roughly 20,000 people located across the Missouri River from Bismarck.

Victims’ families are calling for harsh punishment for Chad, expressing their rage and hatred towards him.

Loved ones of the victims are posting their condolences on Facebook and other social media sites.

May their beautiful soul rests in peace.

Does Chad Isaak Have A Daughter And A Wife? Family Details

Chad’s marital status has yet to be known to the general public and the press. There is no formal remark available on Chad’s marriage.

We also don’t know if he has any children. People began searching the internet for his wife and daughter as soon as the trial Livestream footage spread on Facebook.

Unfortunately, no information about his family is currently accessible. Meanwhile, we are doing our best to learn more about his personal and family life to keep our readers informed.