Accident: Who Is Madison Harrison? Palos Heights Crash Victim, What Happened To Her?

Accident: Who Is Madison Harrison? Palos Heights Crash Victim, What Happened To Her?

Madison Harrison met a crash on Palos Heights, six people were taken to the hospital but, she had lost her life.

In south suburban Palos Heights, there was a crash that had killed a teen and, injured at least six others on Monday night. The accident happened before 7 pm. 

The accident happened in the 6300-block of Illinois Route 83 wither two cars collided. One of the cars had six teens inside it. The crash has been a common accident all over the world. 

Accident: Who Is Madison Harrison?

Madison Harrison was a student of Eisenhower High School. Upon her death, the school had announced her passing. They wrote, “It is with the heaviest heart that we share;

the news of the death of Eisenhower High School freshman Madison Harrison. She was killed in a car accident on Monday night. The accident happened just before 7 pm;

in the 6300 block of College Drive (Route 83) near Ridgeland Avenue in Palos Heights. Please keep Madison and her family in your prayer.” The school is located in Blue Island.

Everyone was taken to the hospital. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the victim as Madison Harrison. The officials are investigating the cause of the crash. 

Czajkowski told Patch that, “We’re getting warrants for the black boxes to see what both vehicles were doing before the crash.” Harrison’s vehicle collided with a Chevy Tahoe.

What happened to Madison Harrison Palos Heights Crash Victim?

A crash could be as deadly as a killer. We come across accidents almost every day, sometimes more than once in a day. However, it is sad to lose a teen from such a crash.

Madison Harrison, who was in a Honda, lost her life as her vehicle collided with another car. The other three teens were ejected from the car, and the rest were rushed to the hospital.

Her school’s administrative team has extended their condolence and expressed the deepest sympathies to her family. We hope they could cope with the situation with much strength.

What is Madison Harrison Age? Meet Her Parents

Madison Harrison was fourteen years old so, she was born in 2007. But her exact date of birth is not revealed. Her parents have not come out and spoken anything yet.

Many crashes happen each day all over the world. Even in Palos Heights, many accidents had happened. Harrison was rushed to the hospital after the accident.

For now, other personal information on Harrison was not known. We wish her innocent soul may be guided to the heavenly world. And we pray for her family and friends.