Does Nacho Fernandez Ever Have Type-1 Diabetes? His Health Condition Now

Does Nacho Fernandez Ever Have Type-1 Diabetes? His Health Condition Now

Real Madrid is questioning if Nacho Fernandez has Type-1 Diabetes or not? Here’s all the latest update about the athlete down below.

Spanish football defender Nacho Fernandez gained a huge recognition for playing for Real Madrid. He also represented Spain’s national team as a captain. Later, he has also won his first senior cap for his nation in 2013 and 2018.

Does Nacho Fernandez Ever Have Type-1 Diabetes?

Nacho Fernandez has stated that after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a kid, the doctors informed him that his illness has finished his “footballing days.” “When the doctors discovered he had diabetes, he was just 12 years old,” he told UEFA.

Meanwhile, Nacho has been with Real Madrid for two years and has had difficulty. He recalls going to the hospital when he was set to represent Real Madrid in a tournament but had to cancel.

Nacho talked about his most memorable football day when he discovered a specialized director. On the other hand, the medical authorities reported that he was given a special football greeting.

However, with the help of a professional diabetic doctor, Nacho continued playing football. He told his fans that footballing days were going to be over. He said, “Mr. Ramierez told him the complete opposite where physical exercise is important.

Nacho, whose full name is Jose Ignacio Fernandez Iglesias, explained that diabetes requires him to take three times as much care of himself as a healthy person, but he does not feel this is negative.

Mr. Fernandez believes that approaching things roundabout encourages people to pay more attention to their food and rest. Because he must constantly carry his diabetic kit, he is more responsible.

Nacho has already won the Champions League twice in his football career, the most prestigious championship in European sports. In addition, he has won La Liga, Spain’s highest football division.

As Nacho said, diabetes makes him a more responsible person, and he looks after himself much more. He knows it will be there for the rest of his life but is looking for good medical treatment. 

How is Nacho Fernandez Health Condition Now?

Nacho Fernandez is currently fit and fine. He is living a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise and a nutrition-protein balanced diet.

Do you know? Fernandez avoided major injuries while attributing his success to his eating habits and preparation. According to, he is the only immune player whose medical record is immaculate.

Nacho went to Valdebebas for his job. Both when he plays assiduously, and now that he has five games, he completed three in the discarded in past seasons. He never the fact that he will never stop the point necessary to respond at any time.

Fernandez is very respectful towards the life that he is enjoying and exploring. He considered the perfect youth squad of Real Madrid F.C. because the club took care of his food, rest, and preparation scrupulously. 

Do you know, Nacho is a candidate for his versatility and great sense of humor. His fellow player Vicente del Bosque marked him in red during the European Championship in France, hosted by the Fernandez brothers.

On a similar hand, Nacho can play in any defensive position. He always dreams of going to France and pursuing more games to his tally. Recently, he played against a defensive team Athletic Club and won by a 2-1 score.