“Breaking My Heart Girl” TikTok Song and Lyrics - Jodeci Got Me Crying All Inside

?Breaking My Heart Girl? TikTok Song and Lyrics ? Jodeci Got Me Crying All Inside

“Breaking my heart girl” is the TikTok song that went viral on social media. People won’t stop making Tiktok videos with this song.

With the never-ending trend on TikTok, ‘breaking my heart girl’ went viral. Especially girls are seen making the video as the song is sad probably. 

Thousands of views and likes are there on the video made on the song. Earlier there were challenges on chop dance (Magic Bomb) TikTok or A-OK challenge, and so on. 

“Breaking My Heart Girl” TikTok Song and Lyrics Explained

The list will go long if we talk about TikTok challenges. There is a song by Jodeci, Breakin’ My Heart and now there is a Tiktok version which is cherished by everyone. 

The challenge is to mention the reason for breaking hearts, and then pretend that it got them to cry all inside. The compilation videos have got 17K viewers. 

Some posted, “When your gf is a whole hairstylist and you still gotta do your own hair”, that got them crying inside. Others posted, “When I see a black girl going through her yt girl faze.”

Not all the TikTok videos are funny and nice, some times the challenges could be as deadly as life-taking. Since children are also fond of Tiktok, monitoring their internet usage is better.

The TikTok viral song lyrics goes like this “Breaking my heart girl, got me cry all inside, Oh…..” You can also try making one video on this trend if you are a TikTok user.

Jodeci Got Me Crying All Inside - On Trend

Jodeci, got me crying all inside is all over the Tiktok video now. There is always a trend on Tiktok. Toktok is a social media platform that has engaged a large number of people.

Regardless of age, gender, and region, Tiktok has been used all over the world and it is famous for posting short videos of singing, dancing, and acting. 

Sometimes the tending might go wrong as, with Nyle Anderso. So, people must be careful having the trending as it might take lives otherwise fun is always welcomed. 

Know The TikTok Original Videos And Trend

There is always overtime trending on different songs or dances occur in TikTok. The current trend on ‘Breaking My Heart Girl’, the song has gone viral. 

We can see lots of Youtube compilations made of TikTok videos on the said music. There are many videos made on this song on TikTok. It is #breakingmyheart Hashtag Videos on Tiktok.

The original song was released in 2009. You can watch and listen to the original video here. The artist is Mint Condition, and the album is Breakin My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes).