Cheer: Where is Navarro Jerry Harris Now? Is He Still In Jail? New Season Explores Sexual Assault Allegations

Cheer: Where is Navarro Jerry Harris Now? Is He Still In Jail? New Season Explores Sexual Assault Allegations

Where is Navarro Jerry Harris, the star of Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ now? Please continue reading this article to find out for what reason he was arrested.

On July 14, 1999, Jeremiah Harris, also known as Jerry Harris, was born. He is a cheerleader and television personality from the United States.

After starring in the Netflix docuseries Cheer in 2020, he gained global attention and became known for his unconventional demeanor.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation accused him of producing child pornography in September 2020 and again in December 2020.

Where is Navarro Jerry Harris Now? Previously He was in Jail For Sexual Assault Allegations

According to NBC News, Jerry Harris, who was arrested in September on a federal child pornography accusation, now faces seven more counts.

Harris’ lawyers could not be reached for comment on Saturday. His spokeswoman stated in September, refuting the claims.

The statement continued, “We completely refute the accusations made against Jerry Harris, which are supposed to have occurred while he was a teenager.”

According to a complaint filed that month, Harris is accused of soliciting child pornography photographs and videos from two 14-year-old boys on many occasions.

According to one of the boys, Harris had requested oral sex in a washroom at a cheerleading event they both attended.

As per the lawsuit, once the other child declined to provide Harris images, Harris became “pushy” and made him feel terrible.

As New York Times has posted, Harris was detained by the FBI on a child pornography accusation at his home in Naperville, Illinois, on Sept. 17 and has been held without bond at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago since.

If Harris is found guilty, he could face a sentence of up to 30 years in jail.

Cheer: Who Is Jerry Harris Girlfriend?

At the time, Jerry appears to be single. Any news or comment regarding Jerry being in a relationship with any lady is not visible on the internet yet.

On the other hand, Jerry is an attractive man who may have a girlfriend and might have successfully hidden her from the public and the media.

Meanwhile, fans are anxiously awaiting his press conference to reveal his relationship.

Regardless of where Harris’ popularity leads him, the Navarro College Cheer Team will always be his first and greatest love.

Nonetheless, we’re trying to figure out whether he has a girlfriend and if he’s ever been involved with anyone. Please stay with us to be informed.