Who Is Susan Ortiz From Promised Land? Everything To Know About The Actress

Who Is Susan Ortiz From Promised Land? Everything To Know About The Actress

Susan Ortiz is an actress coming out on the screen with the series Promised Land on the ABC channel, while she is yet to have a Wikipedia profile.

Susan Ortiz is a rising actress known for her roles in various series. She started her career in 2005 by playing in the popular series Grey’s Anatomy.

She has yet to leave a mark on the heart of the audience. Susan is striving to become a prominent actress in the industry.

Who Is Susan Ortiz From Promised Land? Wikipedia 

Susan Ortiz is an actress who will be portraying the character, Marta, in the upcoming ABC series, Promised Land. The series was initially decided to be a pilot show but later was changed into a series.

Susan is a pet lover and has a dog as her companion. She also shared that her dog is camera shy in her Instagram post. Promised Land will premiere on the ABC channel on January 24, 2022. 

The series will be available on streaming platforms like Disney and Hotstar from January 25, 2022. The series will also be available on the streaming platform Hulu on January 25, 2022.

People are eager for the show and hope Susan’s career will bolster up through this series. Susan is in series like S.W.A.T, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, and Jane The Virgin. Her acting skills are greatly appreciated in the series that she had played.

Susan Ortiz Age And Husband Details

The age of Susan Ortiz seems to be about 35-40 years old, and she does not have a husband or boyfriend at the moment. Even if she has one, they are currently anonymous to the public.

Similarly, from her profile, we can say that her family is quite big, and are mostly in the industry, as we can see many with the surname Ortiz. But the surprising fact is that although she looks young, she is grandma to her adorable grandson, Leo.

Her grandson once told her that she was on a billboard while they were driving but, it was another actress and, she told herself that one day she will be on that billboard. The actress has an undying passion for acting and, she is heading strongly on her way to being a recognized actress.

Meet Susan Ortiz On Facebook

Susan Ortiz is not active on Facebook but, she seems to be active on Instagram. She is active on Instagram as @sos171 and has 476 followers.

She usually shares on her Instagram feed about her work and her grandson, Leo. She has a short bio of her in IMDB. 

Although her career has been launched, she still needs to make a place to be recognized as a known actress. She will become a renowned actress in the future.

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