Who Is Eli Crumbley? Ethan Crumbley Brother Comments on His Sudden Snap Into Violence

Eli Crumbley is the older half-brother of Ethan Crumbley, who has been charged with the shooting at Oxford High School. Let us find more about the case.

Ethan Crumbley who is 15 at the moment is the active shooter who has killed four students and injured 7 others in the mass shooting at Oxford High School in Oxford, Michigan.

Among them, one of them is a teacher. Authorities have confirmed that the four students who were killed were Tate Myre, 16, Hana St Juliana, 14, Madisyn Baldwin, 17, and Justin Shilling, 17.

The three students died on the spot and Justin Shilling died in the hospital on Wednesday morning.

Who Is Eli Crumbley And Is He Ethan Crumbley Brother?

Eli Crumbley is the half older brother of Ethan Crumbley. He described his brother as a quiet but happy boy who stayed out of trouble and never exhibited violent tendencies.

Eli who is 18 now can not understand how his own sibling could suddenly snap, open fire, and kill his classmates, following the deadly rampage in Oxford, Michigan on Tuesday.

He further added Ethan was a smart boy who was like any other average kid and he’d never get suspended from school, or detention either.

There were no signs of depression or anything like that. He woke up happy, went to school, came home, and played games.

He told he hadn’t spoken with Ethan or his father in two months but reached out to his dad Tuesday night only after hearing the news of a mass shooting at Oxford High School.

He even learned Ethan used a 9mm Sig Sauer semi-automatic handgun, that his own father bought.

Meet Ethan Crumbley Mom Jennifer Crumbley 

Ethan Crumbley’s mom is Jennifer Crumbley. Jennifer is the stepmother of Eli.

Eli used to live with them but later due to some family problems arose and he had to move out last March, to live with his biological mother in Florida where he grew up. 

After the incident, Jennifer was furious and wrote a letter to former President Trump complaining about the schools where kids who come from illegal immigrant parents are bullied and tortured.

Ethan’s motive for the shooting remains a mystery, but kids at the school say he was being bullied which is the problem of most American schools.

Explore More On Ethan Crumbley Family

In the family of Ethan Crumbley, he and his brother Eli have the same father, but different mothers.

They were originally from Florida then the two boys later moved to Michigan with their dad James Crumbley and his second wife, Ethan’s mom, Jennifer.   

His father, James, works for Autonomous Inc, an office software supply company, and his mother also works in some companies.

Eli cited there was some problem with his stepmother and he had to move out. As for Eli’s mo, we don’t know what she does currently.