Does Matthew Stafford Wife Have Cancer? Kelly Stafford Brain Tumor Surgery And Current Health Status

Does Matthew Stafford’s wife have Cancer? She recently commented about the silent count gaining much attention.

The NFL player, Matthew Stafford, is outshining in the year 2022. He was traded to the Rams in 2021 as the quarterback.

Stafford is currently celebrating his victory after 13 seasons. He led the game with more than 320 touchdowns and almost 50,000 passing yards. 

All the years of hardship have finally paid off with a mind-blowing win. Here are the latest updates about the player. 

Does Matthew Stafford Wife Have Cancer? Kelly Stafford Brain Tumor Surgery 

Matthew is married to his beloved wife Kelly on 4 April 2015. She is a cheerleader and a sibling of the former NFL player. 

The couple lives happily together with their four children, Sawyer, Chandler, Hunter Hope, and Tyler. In early 2019, Kelly made a statement on social media about a brain tumor. 

She is a strong woman who has been battling her illness and has undergone surgery for 12 hours long. Matthew has been of great support during her difficult times. 

As Kelly shared her experiences with ESPN, she mentioned her husband being with her in every step. 

Matthew Stafford Wife Current Health Status

Matthew’s wife Kelly is the Brain Tumor Survivor. She went through a 12-hour long surgery after a severe headache. 

In 2019, Stafford’s wife opened up about her illness and recovery. Later on, she had her tumor removed and almost lost her hearings. 

She had her tumor on the acoustic neuroma, which was slowly reaching her main nerve of the inner ear. 

She is now recovering and living a healthy life. Even so, Kelly needs to undergo some routine exercise after her surgery.

And her husband Matthew has been a lot of help for her routine. She is one of the bravest women who battled and underwent 12 hr surgery.

Matthew Stafford Net Worth In 2022

After 182 regular seasons, Matthew gains a playoff victory. He is a professional quarterback player who plays for the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL season. 

Stafford is not only an outstanding player but also a kind-hearted person who donated $1 million to “SAY Detroit Play Center.” 

His expected salary in 2022 is around $17 million, with endorsement earnings of $5 million. Moreover, the player got sponsored by several renowned brands like Nike, Ford Motor, Blue Shield, and others. 

Currently, Matthew’s estimated net worth is approximately $80 million.

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