How Rich Is Magnus Carlsen? Net Worth in 2021 As He Wins The Chess World Championship


Magnus Carlsen net worth in 2021 is astonishing. Read below to find out how rich he is. 

Chess grandmaster Magnus is the current titleholder of the World Chess Championship. Furthermore, he is also the recent winner of the World Rapid Chess Championship and World Blitz Chess Championship.

Undoubtedly, he ranks #1 in the world as of FIDE rating in December 2021. Moreover, he is claimed to be the World Champion since 2013.

How Rich Is Magnus Carlsen? Net Worth In 2021 Revealed

Magnus Carlsen’s net worth in 2021 is $8 million. He is considered to be the third-richest chess player of all time.

According to Money Inc, Hikaru Nakamura ranks first with a net worth of over $50 million. Moreover, Fabiano Caruana is the second richest with approximately $13 million in assets.

Talking about the present context, we believe that Magnus is the richest chess grandmaster. But, we are yet unsure about his complete financial information.

Recently, he won the biggest online chess tournament winning a cash prize of $70,000. Well, he had started playing chess when he was 8 years old.

When he became a teenager, Carlsen was already a big name in the chess world. Thanks to his competitive attitude, his fortune is increasing day by day.

Apart from his earnings as a chess player, he earns through sponsorships as well. Wealthy Genius has revealed that Magnus markets $2 million from endorsements.

Reportedly, he has been earning around $750,000 every year from various chess competitions. Moreover, he is the owner of MagnusChess AS from where he receives 85% of its profits.

Get To Know Magnus Carlsen Coach Peter Heine Nielsen 

Magnus Carlsen’s coach Peter Heine Nielsen assisted him in the Candidates Tournament. Earlier, he was serving for Viswanathan Anand‘s team.

Talking about Peter, he is a famous chess grandmaster and trainer. After coaching Viswanathan and Peter, he has won seven World Championships.

Reportedly, he has been coaching Magnus since 2013. Under Peter, he won the Candidates Tournament in 2013. Then, he went on to win three World Championships.

Apart from Peter, Carlsen has been coached by Garry Kasparov, Simen Agdestein, and many more. Well, his playing style is often compared to Anatoly Karpov, Vasily Smyslov, and José Raúl Capablanca.

Learn About Chess GM Magnus Family

Magnus Carlsen is from a Norwegian family. Well, he spent most of his childhood in Tønsberg, Norway.

Moving on, he is the son of Sigrun Øen and Henrik Albert Carlsen. Reportedly, his family has resided in Espoo, Finland, and Belgium.

Well, Carlsen’s father, Henrik taught him to play chess when he was just 5 years old. Interestingly, he used to play chess with his three sisters.

Most probably, he hasn’t married yet. However, multiple reports claim that he is dating Synne Christian Larsen.

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Last Modified: December 4, 2021

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