Apprentice: Navid Sole Parents and Nationality: Ethnicity Family and Net Worth

Apprentice: Navid Sole Parents and Nationality: Ethnicity Family and Net Worth

Navid Sole is a contestant in the upcoming show, Apprentice and, people are curious to know about his parents and nationality.

Navid Sole is a renowned pharmacist in London who had two pharmacies of his own. He has already made his Tv debut as he has been seen in TV shows like Rich Kids Go Skint, Eating With My Ex, and Judge Rinder.

He is a businessman having an interest in songs. He is a great fan of the sensational female rapper and singer Niki Minaj.

Apprentice Navid Sole Parents and Nationality

The parents of Navid Sole are multi-dollar rich parents. The names of his parents have not been revealed yet but, one thing is sure they are lavishly rich. The nationality of Navid is British as he lives in London.

Navid has been living a lavish life. He not only wears the brand Versace but has met top-notch singers and artists like Selena Gomez, Niki Minaj, Dua Lipa, and many more.

Similarly, he also has gone to concerts of renowned singers like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, The Weekend, and many more. He has visited different places and has spent the money sumptuously.

Navid graduated with a master’s degree in Pharmacy in 2017 from Kings College, London. He is educated and the heir of the multi-dollar company of his parents.

Navid Sole Ethnicity And Family Details

The ethnicity of Navid Sole is mixed as he has Persian and Italian descent. Although it is not known anything related to his parents, from ethnicity, it is clear that his mother and father belong to either Persian or Italian descent, respectively.

He revealed that he is the candidate for the UK show, Apprentice through one of his Instagram posts. He was excited and thrilled to be a part of the show. Similarly, the post he shared was liked by his icon, Niki Minaj and, he gushed over it for her support and for noticing him.

But sadly, Navid has been eliminated from the show but, he refuses to accept the defeat. He is sure he will meet Lord Sugar as an established entrepreneur as he is a passionate and hardworking person.

How Much Is Navid Sole Net Worth?

Navid Sole is a pharmacist and has various pharmacies. The net worth of Navid Sole is estimated to be about $1million - $5million.

He earns well from his profession and will enlarge his business and be a prominent businessman.

Navid Sole is active on Instagram and Facebook. He is active on Instagram as @navid_sole and has 14k followers. Similarly, he is active on Facebook as Navid Sole.

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