After We Fell: How Is Christian Vance Related To Hardin Scott? Dad Rumors Explained

After We Fell: How Is Christian Vance Related To Hardin Scott? Dad Rumors Explained

Spoiler Alert: As the third installment of the After We Fell landed on Netflix, people are trying to untangle the relationship between Christian Vance and Hardin Scott. Scroll below to find out more about them. 

After We Fell has arrived at Netflix’s movie list on 17th January, Monday. Soon after watching the movie, viewers are eager to learn how Christian Vance and Hardin Scott are related to each other. Previously, Charlie Weber portrayed the role until the departure. 

The After series is gaining popularity amongst the people with the exploration of Tessa’s and resident hot guy, Hardin’s complicated relationship. But the end of the movie is something that made everyone wonder. 

Hardin who has always assumed Ken Scott is his dad comes to complete shock at the end when he finds out that isn’t true. There is also the connection of Hardin and Christian which has sparked curiosity between the people. 

Let’s debunk their connections and the rumors following the characters and the movie. 

Many people are trying to figure out how Christian Vance is related to Hardin Scott. At the end of the movie, they revealed that Vance is in fact the biological father of Hardin. 

He featured on the second installment of the After films for the first time. He came to the picture after Tessa started her internship at his publishing firm.  

In the After We Fell released last year, Tessa is offered a job at the company’s Seattle office. Tessa took the job and ended up moving in with Vance and his wife, Kimberly. 

In between the movie, it seems like Hardin does have a connection with Christian as his parents have known Christian since college. But at the end, they shocked the entire audience base revealing Vance being the biological father of Hardin. 

Christian Vance Dad Rumors Explained 

People started assuming if Christian Vance is Hardin’s dad after they brought up a twist that Ken Scott is not his biological father. And to the fan’s complete surprise, the rumors were actually true. 

Until the revelation, Hardin always assumed Ken was his dad. His mother and his now-estranged dad Ken were married but parted their ways during his childhood. Ken is now married to his second wife Karen and is a step-dad to her son, Landon. 

Stephen Moyer AKA Christian Vance Wife And Family Details 

The English film and television actor Stephen Moyer portrays the role of Christian Vance in After We Fell. Coming to his real life, he is married to his wife Anna Paquin since 2010. The couple resides in their family home in Venice, Los Angeles with their two kids. 

Moyer also has a son from his first marriage and a daughter from his seven-year relationship with a journalist, Lorien Haynes. Stephen asked Anna to marry him in 2009. 

Anna played Stephen’s character’s love interest in the HBO series, True Blood. Meanwhile, they started dating in 2007 after filming the series Pilot. Both of them have opened up about their roller-coaster ride in their relationship over the years.

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