Snooker| How Does Neil Robertson Lockdown Hair Look Like? Is It A Hair Piece Or Does He Wear A Wig?

Neil Robertson’s lockdown hair is noticeably different from his previous look. Is it a hairpiece or does he wear a wig?

Neil Robertson is an Australian professional snooker player. He is a former world champion and the world’s number one.

He won the World Championship in 2010 and the Masters in 2012. Moreover, has around 21 ranking titles in his name.

He is the only Australian to win a ranking tournament and the only player from outside the United Kingdom to clinch the snooker Triple Crown

Besides winning trophies, the Snooker star is also famous for his hairstyle. His new hairstyle has recently generated a lot of attention.

Snooker: How Does Neil Robertson Lockdown Hair Look Like?

Snooker player Neil Robertson is infamous for his hair, currently, he is rocking a perm hairstyle.

He was usually seen with his blonde hair flattened down and combed to one side.

However, due to the long Covid lockdown, he has tried something new to keep us entertained.

In March 2021, Robertson had sent fans wild with his lockdown hair as he beat Ronnie O’Sullivan to his first Tour Championship.

This time his hair was totally different than in previous times. His straight blonde hair had turned completely curly, a permanent perm actually.

Is It A Hair Piece Or Does He Wear A Wig?

No, Neil Robertson does not wear a hairpiece or a wig. His hair is totally natural. 

Some people believe that he is wearing a wig nowadays. In fact, his hair has also changed a lot in recent times. 

However, the former world champ himself has answered the question about his hair. He has said that his hair is actually real.

Fans React To Neil Robertson Lockdown Hair 

Many fans have reacted to different ways of seeing Neil Robertson’s latest hairstyle.

During his first Tour Championship post lockdown, fans had witnessed his new look. Seemingly, in the curly hairstyle.

One of his fans said: “Neil Robertson in superb form right now, with world-class hair to match,”.

Another stated: “Neil Robertson’s lockdown hair is making my day!”

A lady fan named @kecmorey says on Twitter: “I have no idea what’s going on in the snooker because I can’t stop staring at Neil Robertson’s hair!”

Meanwhile, not everybody has expressed their liking of Robertson’s new curly looks. Some were very quick to post to show their disapproval.

@MattySarrie on Twitter has posted with the caption: “You might think your lockdown hair is bad, but compared to Neil Robertson’s, it really isn’t.”

Last but not the least, some fans have also compared Neil’s look with that of cricketer David Gower, former captain of the England cricket team.

@jaykay1980 says:” Neil Robertson’s hair is obviously a nod to a young David Gower. Stunning.”