Does Neil Robertson Wear A Wig, What Happened To His Hair?

Neil Robertson’s hair has always created confusion among his fans. Does he wear a wig? Get to know the truth below.

Neil Robertson is an Australian professional snooker player. He is a former World Champion and has been ranked the World’s Number one in past.

Robertson had won the prestigious World Championship in 2010. He then also conquered the Masters and UK Championship in later years.

He is the only Australian to win a ranking tournament and the only player from outside the United Kingdom to clinch the snooker Triple Crown.

Nonetheless, the snooker player’s great hair has always made him stand out. Is it real or he is wearing a wig? Here’s what we know.

Does Neil Robertson Wear A Wig?

Some fans believe that Neil Roberson is wearing a wig nowadays. In fact, his hair has also changed a lot in recent times.

However, the snooker player’s hair is actually real. He does not require a wig or fake hair to give him a cool look.

What Happened To Neil Robertson Hair?

Neil Robertson very often changes his hairstyle. In 2013, fans had witnessed a shock of straight blond hair. At the period he was in the CIRCA 2013

Similarly, In 2014, he appeared with considerably short hair, probably his natural style.

Six months later, the snooker player had bounced back to full aplomb, as he was seen celebrating father’s day.

Once again In 2016, his blonde hair seemed much brighter than before. It ultimately seemed like Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z.

Likewise, Neil had also revealed his lockdown hairstyle a year ago. There we can see him in long curly blonde hair.

As a result of witnessing various changes in Roberson’s hair, fans may have speculated him to have a preferred wig. However, it is false.

Fans Reaction To Neil Robertson Hair In Recent Year

Fans have witnessed various changes in Neil Robertson’s hairstyle in recent years. In fact, his blonde hair also has a discussion page on Reddit.

On many social media platforms, people have expressed their shock to see his hair so alive all the time.

Some have appreciated his hair, and some have said that it could be fake, which is not. 

On 6 June 2020, Robertson had posted his own “lockdown haircut” to Twitter. It included his selfies with his long curly blonde hair.

Following the post, many assumed he of wearing a wig. However, he later proved all of them wrong.

In 2021, the former snooker champion is still continuing with the messy curly hairstyle.




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Last Modified: December 23, 2021

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