Who Is Euphoria Lip Girl Chloe Cherry & What Happened To Her Lips?

Chloe Cherry, an actress from Euphoria season 2, has garnered interest after netizens inquired about her lips. 

Chloe Cherry has been trending online after the Tiktok user gets obsessed over her lips. They are curious to know if her lips are natural or the result of lip fillers.

There are mixed thoughts about her lips. So let’s find out the truth behind it. 

Euphoria Actress Chloe Cherry Termed As Lip Girl

The actress of Euphoria, Chloe Cherry, is now termed Lip girl online. She is a new face in the series, and fans quickly judge her appearance. 

She is a 24 years old actress who plays Faye in the second season of the series. According to The Focus, she discovered her love of performing through school musical plays and frequent participation in theater classes.

She opted to work in the adult industry when she reached 18. According to her IMDb page, she began her career in adult films in 2015 and already had over 170 credits.

Talking about the gossip about her lips, she has never claimed to have had lip filler. However, some enthusiasts have compared before-and-after photos and claimed to have figured it out.


@cleanpuppy♬ God I wish Italians were real - Vinny Simms

On the other hand, Chloe has turned to TikTok to reveal how she overlines her lips. In addition, she tried to showcase why her lips appear larger than before. 

Nevertheless, netizens are digging out the photos where her lips look comparatively smaller and claiming that she may have used fillers now to make it look bigger. 

What Happened To Chloe Cherry Lips?

People think that Chloe Cherry may have used lip fillers to make it look bigger. Although the actress has not addressed the issue directly, she had posted videos on Tiktok revealing how she overlines her lips. 


@cleanpuppy♬ God I wish Italians were real - Vinny Simms

Some fans said that they wished to have lips like her. Although they are curious to know if she used lip fillers or not, they have been captivated by it at the same time.

Chloe Cherry Popularly Known As Euphoria Season 2 Actress 

Chloe Cherry is an actress in Euphoria season 2. She made her appearance as Faye in the first episode of the second season, Trying To Get To Heaven Before They Close The Door.

Faye and Rue were seen having a conversation at the back of Fezco’s car. Thus, as she’s involved in a new narrative with Fez, some fans believe Cherry may make more appearances in Euphoria season 2.

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Last Modified: January 27, 2022

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