Who Is Bubblebratz2 On TikTok? Everything About The Popular TikTok Star - Is She Maddie May?

Bubblebratz2 is an influencer on Tiktok. Please scroll down to get to know more about her. 

Bubblebratz2 has a huge fan following across social media platforms. Recently, she is not available on Tiktok, which has made fans curious about her whereabouts. 

Who Is Bubblebratz2 On TikTok?

Bubblebratz2 had a huge fan following on Tiktok before being permanently banned from the platform. She had shared a screenshot when her account was blocked. 

She had 40.1k followers and 174.2k views on the videos. However, her account was blocked because it consisted of too much adult content.

Nevertheless, she had asked her followers to follow her on backup profiles. However, we could not locate her new profile. Moreover, she has not provided links to her Tiktok profile on other social media networking sites. 

There is not much personal information about her on the internet. However, she has been an internet sensation for quite some time now. Most of her followers are fans of her content on social media pages. 

She is also available on Onlyfans. However, the contents in the platform are available to her subscribers only. Besides Tiktok, she also uses Twitter, providing updated content on her other media. 

Bubblebratz2 Real Name Is Maddie May

Bubblebratz2’s real name is Maddie May. Her name is displayed on her Instagram profile. 

She has not provided any additional information or bio to her fans. Her fans know about her through Instagram page only. Besides, she is rarely seen with any friends on her social media handles.  

Explore Bubblebratz2 Wikipedia And Age

Bubblebratz2 is not featured on Wikipedia. In addition, her age is also unknown at the moment. However, judging from her pictures, she may be in her 20s.

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In addition, some of her views have saved her previous Tiktok videos, which are still available. 

Meet Bubblebratz2, aka Maddie May, On Instagram 

Bubblebratz2 goes with the names of Maddie May on Instagram. She has two different accounts on the platform. 

One of the profiles has 62.7k followers, whereas another has massive 221k followers. She uses backup accounts so that her fans can easily find her if her account is deleted from Instagram.