Is Youtuber Sappho Zoo Arrested? Twitter Police Reveal Charges, What Happened To Her?

Is Youtuber Sappho Zoo Arrested? Twitter Police Reveal Charges, What Happened To Her?

Youtuber Sappho Zoo, also known as Hyptonist Sappho has allegedly been arrested, Twitter claims. Here is everything to know about her police charges. What Happened to her?

Infamous Youtuber Sappho has been arrested, according to several rumors on the internet. Slammed for being a zoophile and justifying bestiality, the Youtuber was also amid several grooming accusations. 

Users on Twitter are celebrating her alleged arrest as they make more and more tweets showing their satisfaction. However, no trusted source has confirmed the Youtuber’s arrest until now. More details to follow. 

Is Sappho Zoo Arrested? Youtuber Police Charges Explained

Hypnotist Sappho Zoo has allegedly been arrested. 

However, these are just rumors and no official confirmation has been made yet. The Youtuber was already in a lot of turmoil when she came out as a zoophile back in September 2021. 

Known as “Hypnotist Sappho”, people had started calling her “Sappho Zoo” because of her coming out as a zoophile. The vlogger, not only came out as a zoophile but also tried to justify being a zoophile. 

Besides, she had been under the pump before when she allegedly groomed a 14-year-old kid. For all these reasons, she had to get arrested. And it looks like she was finally arrested. 

Upon arrest, Sappho Zoo will be facing charges like Grooming and Offence. More details to follow. 

Sappho Zoo Real Name And Age

Sappho’s real name is Valorie. She also goes by the name, Val. 

However, the Youtuber’s age and real face remain yet to be revealed. She used to make VR Chat videos of herself on the platform. 

Best known for her Youtube channel, the influencer currently has over 6k subscribers. She posted her first video in July 2021. But it was in September when she hit the infamous spotlight. 

Sappho Zoo Net Worth: What Happened To Her?

Sappho Zoo’s net worth remains under review for the time being. 

Moreover, the Youtuber is said to be arrested according to the news on Twitter. It most probably is true as she was trending infamously for a few months for several cybercrimes. 

What Did Sappho Do? Zoophile Video Explained

In September 2021, Sappho uploaded a video on her Youtube channel titled “Coming Out About Things.”

In the video, she mentioned that she was a zoophile. Meaning that she was attracted to animals, mainly dogs, and had no interest in humans. 

The Youtuber later compared herself to the LGBTQ+ community that urged a lot of YouTubers to call out for her on their videos.