Who Is Wildman Dent Myers? Kennesaw GA Man Death Cause, Age & Wikipedia

Who Is Wildman Dent Myers? Kennesaw GA Man Death Cause, Age & Wikipedia

Wildman Dent Myers was a businessman from Kennesaw. Find his death cause and family details below.

A bizarre action by a popular fixture and businessman, Wildman Dent Myers in 2012 shocked everyone, when he predicted his own death. he built a tombstone for himself at a cemetery in his hometown. 

However, he has now passed away, leaving his friends and family behind. As a result, tributes have been flooding in for Myers and condolence messages for his near and dear ones. 

Who Is Wildman Dent Myers? Kennesaw GA Man Death Cause

Wildman Dent Myers is a businessperson and a fixture from Kennesaw GA for the past 8 decades. He owns a store called Herb Shop and also possesses Wildman’s Civil War Surplus.

Passionate about ethnic stuff, his outlets are covered with ethnic materials. His customers remember him as a kind, genuine and likable person who was extremely hardworking even at an old age.

Wildman Dent Myers dies due to unforeseen circumstances. The death cause of the Kennesaw man remains a mystery as none of the authentic sources have revealed anything as such.

Nonetheless, considering Myers’ age, we can assume that the entrepreneur passed away from natural causes. Still, nothing can be confirmed until a family member or a source addresses his death.

Wildman Dent Myers Age And Wikipedia

Wildman Dent Myers seems to be around 90 years old. However, his exact age and birth details are not available. He has been working actively since the early 1940s so his age can be assumed.

Despite his contribution to the art world and business, Dent has not featured on Wikipedia. regarding his professional life, he is known as a fixture and an entrepreneur. Owner of Wildman’s Civil War Surplus, he calls his store a museum. 

With his hard work and dedication, we suppose that Wildman has collected a notable amount of wealth.

He had a long beard, a cloth headband on his head and silver rings and his unique appearance always kept him as the center of attraction. 

Dent Myers Wife And Family Are Grieving His Death

Even though Dent Myers’s wife and family have been out of the limelight, they are definitely grieving his demise. Condolence messages and tributes are flooding on social media for his close ones. 

We hope that the family gets through this phase and comes out stronger.