Why Was Ludwig Banned From Youtube? Twitch Star Suspended After Changing Platforms

Ludwig was banned from Youtube days after changing the platform. Explore the reason why he was forbidden from streaming on it.

Ludwig has made headlines over the past couple of days after leaving his original streaming home Twitch to join the Google-owned giant.

The 26-year-old has been the talk of the streaming world after he signed an exclusive streaming deal with Twitch arch-rivals YouTube.

Why Was Ludwig Banned From Youtube?

Just days after this transition, Ludwig has been banned from streaming on the platform, Youtube. The reason for the restriction is due to copyright violation as per the sources.

He had just become the latest streamer of Twitch to shift over to YouTube but now restricted from streaming just days after with many speculating the shock ban came as a result of DMCA strikes.

While Ludwig’s first stream went smoothly, the upcoming star appears to have hit deadlock in less than 72 hours to his big swap, midway through his 2 December broadcast.

The YouTube suspension was placed in order due to “policy violations” from one of his first streams.

In his first YouTube stream, he skewered the idea, permanently: “I’m never doing another Subathon,” he said. “Whatever you call it, I’m not doing it!”

He explained that the situation would be a learning experience and he expects to be back live on stream on the weekend. 

Twitch Star Ludwig Suspended After Changing Platforms

The Twitch Star, Ludwig, who has just joined the Google-owned giant, Youtube was suspended after changing platforms.

His stream came to an abrupt end when he was live-watching videos with around 25 thousand viewers.

Now when we try to watch his first videos on Youtube, an error appears on the screen displaying stream unavailable for policy violations.

Ludwig whose stream came to an end then uploaded a video to his second channel. There he explained why he got banned from YouTube.

He also cited that is kind of funny and he described he was looking for the 50 most classic videos on the platform where he befell on Baby Shark, the children’s song.

He added, he doesn’t dare listen to another second of it, for the love of God. He became pretty sure the overlords who own Baby Shark have an iron fist on YouTube and so they took him down.

What is Ludwig’s Real Name?

Ludwig’s real name is Ludwig Anders Ahgren and he is an American Twitch streamer, YouTuber,  esports commentator, and former Super Smash Bros Melee professional player.

He signed with YouTube exclusively on 29 November, leaving Twitch after streaming there for years.

Ahgren is mostly known for being the most-subbed to Twitch streamer of all time. Earlier this year he took place in a 31 day Subathon.

He is the latest streamer to make the jump from Twitch to YouTube Gaming, joining big names like TimTheTatman, CouRage, Dr. Lupo, and Valkyrie, all of whom have also made the leap.