Who Is Cody Bromley From MAFS 2022? Meet The Athletic Swim Coach From NSW On Instagram

Who Is Cody Bromley From MAFS 2022? Meet The Athletic Swim Coach From NSW On Instagram

Cody Bromley is a 30 years old groom among the cast members who have joined the exclusive dating show Married At First Sight 2022. 

Married At First Sight has dropped the first trailer of their ninth season. They have revealed a new batch of faces of brides and grooms which includes Cody Bromley. He has arrived at the show in the hope of meeting a potential partner. 

MAFS has grown its fanbase over the years with its unique take as a dating show. The show where eight brides and eight grooms proceed to walk down the aisle with their potential drama has also made its name for several dramas in the past. 

Bromley has already grabbed some eyeballs after his appearance on the show. An increase in fame goes hand-in-hand with people’s curiosity about the individual. Just like that people are growing their interest to know more about Cody. 

While the show watchers will witness his journey towards finding the love of his life on MAFS, here is a quick insight into the life of Bromley. 

Who Is MAFS 2022 Cast Cody Bromley? His Wikipedia Page 

Cody Bromley, a participant on Married At First Sight 2022, is from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. One thing Bromley loves doing is spending time with his mates on the beach. Though he is on Channel 9 website, he doesn’t have his Wikipedia page yet. 

He has spent most of his life traveling and has lived an adventurous life. According to his intro bio, he puts everything besides adventure which also includes romance. However, he now felt he wants someone with whom he can share the adventures. 

Basically, he needs a “partner in crime” to create memories together moving forward in life. Bromley has gone through a rough time with losing his father at the age of 15. This traumatic experience made him put a wall that stopped him from showing vulnerability, especially in relationships. 

Because of the wall which he created, Bromley pushed away any women who wanted a deeper connection. He always avoided getting into a serious relationship in the past. Finally, he has now prepared himself for a huge commitment and read his vows with his partner. 

Not only serious relationships, but he has also struggled with even holding hands with his partner. He is looking for someone who will understand and have the patience to help him work through these issues. 

Cody Bromley Age Revealed 

The age of Cody Bromley is 30-years old, as of 2022. The MAFS star has spent most of his 20’s traveling all around. As Bromely has just stepped into the entertainment industry through a reality show, there is a lot to know about his personal life which he may unveil in the near future. 

Bromley’s friends described him as a very sweet and humble guy. His friends slip his identity to the online portals after they saw his pictures of him online. They also mentioned that after traveling for a long time, he is now looking forward to settling down. 

What Is Cody Bromley Job? Explore His Net Worth 

Cody Bromley is a swim coach and personal trainer, while his net worth is currently unrevealed.

As a swim coach, he might have an estimated earning of around $79,343 per year or $40.69 per hour, as per the average income data of Australia.

However, the number can vary based on the individual’s experience and work. Most experienced coaches can make up to $117,985 per year. Followingly, a swim instructor makes anywhere between  $57,135 per year or $29.30 per hour in Australia. 

Meet Cody Bromley On Instagram 

Cody Bromley is active on Instagram under the username @codybromley. He has almost 1k followers at the time of writing, however, the number is increasing after his appearance on MAFS. 

Most of his posts on his social media surround his traveling days. He also often posts pictures with his friends and in some posts, he has flaunted his fit physique. 

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