Texas: Who Is Chad Stark? Arrested For Violence Against Election Officials, Is He Going To Jail?

Texas: Who Is Chad Stark? Arrested For Violence Against Election Officials, Is He Going To Jail?

Chad Stark is a Texas man who is recently arrested for the violence against the election officials. Is he going to jail? Everything to know about the charges and prison sentence. 

The Department of Justice has finally made an arrest. Chad Stark has been recognized as the man who allegedly threatened to kill the election officials of Georgia. He is the first arrest made by the DOJ after a series of events of violence against election officials followed in January. 

A Trump supporter, Chad Stark posted a message for a low-level election official of Georgia in Craiglist. He is currently under police custody. 

Texas; Who Is Chad Stark? Criminal Rap Sheet Explored

Chad Stark is a 54-year-old man from Texas. 

Moreover, he was arrested for threatening an election official as he posted a threatening message on craigslist on January 5, 2021. 

Also, Chad Christopher Stark has been arrested before. As per the reports, this is his 4th arrest as his arrests date all the way back to 1997. He was first arrested for substance abuse and sentenced to 7 years in jail. 

However, he got out before time and again got involved in a similar activity to get arrested for the second time in 2001. Likewise, Stark was arrested in 2011 after he allegedly abused a minor and cause injuries to the little girl. 

Chad Stark Arrest And Charges: Is He Currently In Jail?

Chad Stark has been arrested for the fourth time. 

As of now, he is currently charged with violence against the election official. As per reports, he posted a threatening message addressed to the lower-level election staff of Georgia in January 2021. 

According to his indictment, he wrote, “Georgia Patriots it’s time for us to take back our state from these Lawless treasonous traitors. It’s time to invoke our Second Amendment right it’s time to put a bullet in the treasonous Chinese [Official A]. Then we work our way down to [Official B] the local and federal corrupt judges.”

The 54-year-old is currently in jail and will face court on January 22, 2022. 

Chad Stark Mugshot: Know His Family

Chad Stark’s mugshot is not available publicly at the moment. 

Also, his family remains unidentified for the time being. Nonetheless, the convict will be in jail for a long time as the Department of Justice takes such action seriously. 

More details to follow soon. 

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Last Modified: January 21, 2022

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