Where Is Robert Hanssen Today? Wife Family and Whereabouts 2022

Where Is Robert Hanssen Today? Wife Family and Whereabouts 2022

Robert Hanssen Whereabouts detail is still a mystery for many readers. Please continue reading this article to find out where he is today.

On April 18, 1944, Robert Philip Hanssen was born. From 1976 through 2001, he was an American former FBI double agent who was responsible for working as a spy for Soviet and Russian intelligence services against the United States.

Hanssen addressed the Soviet Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) in 1979, three years after joining the FBI, to volunteer his services, initiating his first espionage cycle, which lasted until 1981.

He resumed his espionage efforts in 1985 and lasted until 1991 when he cut off connections due to fears of being exposed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The next year, Hanssen reestablished communication, which he maintained until his arrest. Hanssen stayed unnoticed by the Russians during his spying.

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The Department of Justice called Robert’s espionage “perhaps the biggest intelligence catastrophe in U.S. history.” Hanssen is presently incarcerated in ADX Florence, a federal supermax prison outside Florence, Colorado, where he is serving 15 uninterrupted life sentences without the possibility of release.

Thousands of confidential documents detailing the U.S. nuclear war tactics, military weapon technology advancements, and components of the U.S… counterintelligence program were sold to the KGB by Hanssen.

He and Aldrich Ames of the Central Intelligence Agency were both espionages at the same time (CIA). Both Ames and Hanssen leaked the identities of KGB operatives operating undercover for the U.S…, some of whom were killed as a result of their betrayal.

Hanssen also disclosed that the FBI created a multimillion-dollar listening tunnel beneath the Soviet Embassy. Some of these intelligence breaches remained unexplained until Ames’ arrest in 1994. The FBI paid a KGB spy $7 million to get a file on an unnamed mole, who was eventually identified as Hanssen by fingerprint and voice analysis.

Robert Hanssen Wikipedia – Everything We Know

Robert is included on Wikipedia‘s official page. We may discover some information about his personal and professional life on the page.

According to his Wikipedia article, Hanssen was detained on February 18, 2001, at Foxstone Park near his house in Washington, D.C.. after leaving a package of classified materials at a dead drop site in the Vienna, Virginia area.

Over a 22-year span, he was accused of selling U.S. intelligence documents to the Soviet Union and then Russia for more than $1.4 million in cash and diamonds.

Hanssen pled guilty to 14 charges of espionage and one count of conspiracy to conduct espionage in order to escape the death penalty. He was condemned to 15 life sentences with no chance of release.

Robert Hanssen Family - Wife And Children Details

Robert is still married to his wife, Bernadette “Bonnie” Wauck Hanssen. The couple has a total of six children.

While entering dentistry school at Northwestern, Hanssen met Bernadette, a devout Roman Catholic. Hanssen switched from Lutheranism to Catholicism when the couple married in 1968. Hanssen accepted his conversion and joined the Catholic group Opus Dei with other like-minded people.

There isn’t a lot of information on his wife and children on the internet.

His mother’s name was Vivian Hanssen, and his father’s name was Howard Hanssen.

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