Prada Bucket Challenge TikTok, Lil Huddy Can Sure Flex His Hat

Several favorite creators are taking Prada Bucket TikTok Challenge to the next level. Please stick with us to know more about it.

Prada Bucket Challenge is an ongoing TikTok trendy challenge launched by Fashion brand Prada.

Like Lil Huddy, different popular influencers like Bella Poarch, Brent Rivera, and Blake Grey also tried out the Prada Bucket challenge, regarded as extra skilled and straightforward flowing.

Prada Bucket Challenge TikTok Goes Flexing To A New Level

Prada Bucket Challenge is a new TikTok trend taking over the platform.

The Prada Bucket Challenge is launched and sponsored by the Italian fashion house Prada.

Fashion company Prada has challenged people to ‘show your Prada side’ by creating a video wearing a Prada bucket hat, one of the renowned brands these days. 

The brand has enlisted the help of several popular TikTok content creators for the bucket hat campaign.

Like some other challenges on TikTok, this challenge is going viral, with several TikTok creators trying out the challenge. Notable TikTok stars are flexing their hat through the challenge.

Well, a Prada bucket hat coming in at a lurching £420, this ‘rich people’s trend’ goes flexing to the whole next level.

Lil Huddy Promoted Flex Your Hat

Lil Huddy, aka Chase Hudson, promoted Prada Flex Your Hat.

@lilhuddy #ad 🖤 @Prada #PradaBucketChallenge ♬ PRADA BUCKET CHALLENGE - PRADA

Indeed, the central theme of the Prada Bucket Challenge is flexing the hat. The way in which Lil Huddy did it left us feeling much less stoked.

One of the top music influencers on TikTok, Lil Huddy wore an outsized white t-shirt, placed his Prada hat on the top, and remodeled his look. He got carrying a few outsized extraordinarily thick coats with the hat on the challenge.

Lil Huddy was wandering wildly, strolling incoherently, and his off-putting look made the ad more parody-like. The way in which he has shifted aimlessly out and in of the body makes it look cringy.

Prada Bucket Trend - How to do it? 

You can follow Prada Bucket trend steps on the TikTok platform. 

The main problem of this challenge is that they must purchase staggering expensive Prada bucket hats to make this challenge. Nevertheless, top-rated TikTok influencers have been sponsored by Prada to promote the hat.

So, if you’re thinking of trying out the Prada Bucket Challenge, it is just a group of elite TikTok users who are fortunate enough to own Prada hat flexing on the TikTok.

Certainly, Prada fans and lovers are not impressed by the marketing strategy with this challenge campaign.

One person commented: “This is how you know a brand has gone downhill,” while another said, “Brands will do anything to get sales.”

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Last Modified: October 26, 2021

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