Who Is Jorge Masvidal Ex Wife Maritza Masvidal? Baby Momma and Sister Name, Meet His Mom

Jorge Masvidal’s ex-wife, Maritza Collado Masvidal, is a skilled mixed martial artist from the United States. Find out more information on what happened to them.

Jorge Masvidal and his ex-wife Maritza Collado Masvidal had a nasty breakup at the time, and it caused a lot of controversies.

He accused her of infidelity, and Maritza vanished from the public eye following that incident.

Who Is Jorge Masvidal Ex Wife Maritza Masvidal? 

Jorge Masvidal’s ex-wife, Maritza Collado Masvidal, is a professional mixed martial artist from the United States. Since 2003, she has competed professionally.

Jorge Masvidal has garnered popularity after accusing his wife of infidelity.

The MMA fighter duped and lied to her, and she was eventually dumped as well. Similarly, Masvidal has kept his marriage to her a secret from the public eye and pretends to be the mother of his children.

Mrs. Masvidal, Covington captioned a photo of a woman on his Instagram account, disclosing her first name as Maritza. This single post sparked a massive debate on the internet.

Jorge was formerly in a public relationship with Iman Kawa. The couple also has two lovely children, whose identities have been publicly questioned by Colby, which is unethical.

What Is Jorge Masvidal Baby Momma? His Girlfriend 2022

Iman Kawa has a long history of dating and birthing three children with notable Mixed Martial Artist and businessman Jorge Masvidal and owning a YouTube channel.

She is also a cook, an entrepreneur, and a procurement specialist and is best known as the founder of the YouTube channel and bakery Better Than Your Mother.

Kawa was born on June 19, 1988, in Miami, Florida.

There is not much regarding her upbringing, education, or life before she became famous.

Jorge Masvidal is not dating anyone as of 2022.

Meet His Mom And Sister

Mama Dukes, Jorge’s mother, had a difficult time since the beginning. She had a hard time fending for herself and her little son.

Mama Dukes sold beads to supplement her income and provide for her son. She also revealed to Jorge that his father was in the army and that she could only tell him the truth when he was 13 years old.

Masvidal Sr. and Mama Dukes’ relationship status is unknown at this time, although Jorge claims that they are still essential to him.

Mama was able to support her son despite the conditions with the help of her relatives. As a result, Mom deserves a lot of credit for what her kid has accomplished thus far.

He might be the sole child because there is not much information regarding his sibling.

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