How Old Is Raegan Revord? Details To Know About The Missy Cooper Actress From Young Sheldon

Raegan Revord the Young Sheldon actress is 14 years old. Is she on Wikipedia?

Revord is an American actress who plays the fan-favorite, Missy Cooper on the CBS hit comedy Young Sheldon. Her character is the sassy and brash twin sister of Sheldon Cooper. The show became one of the most-watched primetime comedies.

Raegan started her career as a model and booked several commercials, including Enterprise Rent-A-Car. In Young Sheldon, she has a Texan accent, which she picked up after watching Laurie Metcalf on The Big Bang Theory.

How Old Is Raegan Revord? Age Details Revealed

Raegan Revord’s age is 14 years. She was born on January 3, 2008, and recently celebrated her birthday. 

Besides acting, Revord loves writing and is currently writing My Story as a Gold Nugget, a children’s book. She is also working on a TV script and pitching to several studios. Raegan is an avid reader who launched her book club #ReadingWithRaegan on Instagram. 

Revord follows a vegan-ish lifestyle. She is involved in several charity works, and she is an ambassador for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. She is an outspoken advocate for rescue animals who are passionate about saving animals. 

Raegan is active on Instagram under the username @raeganrevord. Her parents managed her social media accounts for the longest time. 

Revord lives in Los Angeles, California, with her parents and four dogs. During the hiatus, she loves to travel and go on adventures with her family and friends.

Is Raegan Revord Missy Cooper From Young Sheldon On Wikipedia?

Although a famous actor, Raegan Revord, is not on Wikipedia. She has an IMDb profile with the details of her acting career. 

Raegan is a born performer. She started her career as Megan on Modern Family when she was just six years old. She made her feature film debut on supernatural horror Wish Upon and has starred in movies and TV shows, including Alexa & Katie, I See You, and Teachers. 

Meet Raegan Revord Parents

Raegan Revord was born in San Diego, California, USA, to her parents. Her mother’s name is Holly Revord, and her father’s name is yet to be revealed to the public. Revord’s family moved from San Diego to Los Angeles when she was just three and a half years old.

She is an only child to her parents and considers her co-stars Montana and Iain her real brothers. They are together for about nine months out a year, and they even start acting like real siblings. Raegan is a dog lover and has four dogs, and she even brings them on the sets. 

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