How Old Is Cora Tilley Tiktok & Where Does She Live? Age and Instagram

How Old Is Cora Tilley Tiktok & Where Does She Live? Age and Instagram

Cora Tilley, aged 17, is a popular American Tiktoker, Instagrammer, and a well-known social media influencer.

From collaborating with popular TikTokers who appeared in most of her TikTok videos, Cora Tilley has built quite an image for herself.

Besides Tiktok, Cora is also very popular on other social media platforms Instagram.

How Old Is Cora Tilley Tiktok? Age Details 

Cora Tilley is 17 years old, born on 17 December 2004 in Florida, United States.

Being raised in a well-settled Christian family, she has a strong belief in her religion.


♬ original sound - 🧸🀍

The influencer is known for sharing content about her friends and daily life on her TikTok account @notcoratilley.

As Tiktok has let people be innovative in their own way, Cora has been successful in creating her own skits which help get thousands of followers and millions of likes.

She has not only gained success in TikTok but also in Instagram as hundreds of her fans are increasing day by day on her account.

She can also be found on Facebook as well but there she has posted selfies mostly.

Where Does Cora Tilley Live? 

Cora Tilley is currently living with her family in Florida, the United States having a lovely and wonderful life.

Since she is 17 years and completed her early schooling at a Local High School in Florida, she must be planning to move out for further studies.

Tilley might be exploring her career and looking for universities to go to. But it is not sure, what she has planned for her future and which direction will she take.

Find Cora Tilley On Instagram

Cora Tilley can be found on @coratilleyofficial where she has posted 8 content so far mostly selfies.

Although she has limited pictures, she has massive followers of 39.9 thousand as of today.

On her account, we also can see her mother as well. They can be seen taking a cute photo from their stylish camera hanging their tongue out and showing their natural smile. 

Does Cora Tilley Have A Boyfriend?

Cora Tilley does have a boyfriend who goes by @christiansbanned in his Tiktok account.

Just 6 hours ago, Cora posted a lovely short clip with text on the screen saying ‘meeting him in 16 hours’ and Christian saying ‘I would do anything for that woman.

@notcoratilley #duet with @christians_banned ♬ original sound - cora and christian

Cora and Christian looked so in love with each other, smiling and giggling and showing off their soft spot.