What Happened To Helen Golay Daughter Kecia Golay? True Crime Story Discusses The Black Widow Murders

What Happened To Helen Golay Daughter Kecia Golay? True Crime Story Discusses The Black Widow Murders

Helen Golay daughter Kecia Golay has been accused of a crime. Here’s what we should know about what happened.

Helen is a former real estate agent. Reportedly, she was on a journey to help homeless men alongside Olga Rutterschmidt.

On April 18, 2008, the two women were convicted of the murders of Paul Vados and Kenneth McDavid. Multiple reports claim that they had staged the death of the two personnel and collected multimillion-dollar life insurance on them.

What Happened To Helen Golay Daughter Kecia Golay?

Kecia Golay is known for being Helen Golay’s daughter. The Daily Bulletin claims that she was the one who murdered Kenneth.

However, Kecia was never convicted of any crime in her life. Multiple reports suggest that Helen’s kid was the one who ran over one victim.

During the court hearing, Kecia kept weeping to look at her mother. It seems as if her mom was innocent of the crime committed in 2005.

Reportedly, Kecia stole a driver’s license from a woman at a health club. Then, she tried to arrange the purchase of a car which she later used as a murder weapon.

One of the lawyers claimed that Helen was ‘too old’ to commit such a crime. Moreover, she lacked the physical ability to lift a strong man and put him on the road.

Right now, Helen and Olga are facing two counts of murder. Moreover, they are accused of the conspiracy to murder for financial gain.

However, neither of the two has been proven guilty until now. Most probably, the well-known Black Widow Murders will be showcased on True Crime Story.

Where Is Helen Golay Today?

Helen Golay is facing life term in California’s Chowchilla prison. Multiple reports claim that she is 90 years old now. 

On the other hand, her acquaintance, Olga is 88 years of age. Reportedly, Helen is originally from Santa Monica while the latter hails from Hollywood.

Reportedly, they have been accused of nine counts of fraud. Some local sites claim that they have been attempting to scam people.

Helen Golay Husband: Is She Married?

Helen Golay divorced her husband years ago. Currently, she is unmarried.

Reportedly, Helen and her former partner moved emigrated to the United States in 1957. They started a small business until their divorce.

After separating from her spouse, she moved to a Hollywood apartment. Netizens claim that she was always loud and complained about everything.

Surprisingly, Helen frequently filed for personal injury claims and earned money out of it. There are no further updates in 2021.

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