Who Is Grayson Brewer Brookhaven MS? Mississippi Man Arrested, Sexual Assault Charges

Grayson Brewer, a resident of Brookhaven, MS has been arrested for sexual charges. Details to follow.

Grayson Brewer is a young man from Brookhaven Mississippi.

The young man is reported to be arrested for the sexual assault and now the netizens are searching for information about the crime he has done.

Further, people are also showing some interest in Grayson and are wondering who the person to have committed the crime is.

Well, here we are with the details so stick with us.

Who Is Grayson Brewer Brookhaven MS?

Grayson Brewer from Brookhaven is a young man who has been arrested for sexual assault.

Born and raised in Brookhaven, Mississippi, Brewer completed his schooling at the Brookhaven Schools.

Further detail about his educational background is left unknown as of now.

Brewer, who was not known publicly prior to the recent case, has a confidential lifestyle and only little can be found about him on online platforms.

Currently residing in Meadville, Mississippi, he is an employee of the service company Case Air.

Assumed to be in his early-20s, Grayson is found to be in a loving relationship with Ashlyn. He confirmed his relationship with Ashlyn in November 2020 and revealed that she is a student at Oxford University.

Fast forward 14 months later, Brewer is now arrested for the sexual assault. We talk about the following subject on our next topic.

Is The Mississippi Man Grayson Brewer Arrested?

Grayson Brewer from Mississippi is reported to be arrested.

The young man was revealed to have been taken under police custody but the news of his arrest is yet to come out to the public.

The Brookhaven Police have not spoken about the subject matter and the same can be said about his family. His family has remained silent and has decided to keep their lips tight about Grayson Brewer’s arrest.

The town of Brookhaven, Mississippi must be in shock to find that one of their own natives has been charged with a serious crime.

However, with the detailed news yet to be covered by the media we could not find if he is still under police custody or released on bail.

Sexual Assault Chargers Over Grayson Brewer

Grayson Brewer is charged with sexual assault.

The detail is yet to be covered as Brookhaven police have not confirmed to the public.

Further, nothing about his hearing in court is revealed as of now. We could not confirm if he is placed in jail or not.

About Author: Yogesh Budathoki

Last Modified: January 19, 2022

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