Who Is Georges Seurat Wife Madeleine Knobloch? Google Doodle Celebrates French Artist

Madeleine Knobloch is the common-law wife of Georges Seurat. She is the woman in his painting named Jeune femme se poudrant. 

Today, on Georges Seurat’s 162nd birthday, Google Doodle has celebrated the French artist. He is the famous post-impressionist artist of the 1800s. 

Who Is Georges Seurat Wife Madeleine Knobloch?

Georges Seurat never had a legal wife, but he was romantically involved with Madeleine Knobloch. She is commonly referred to as his mistress, whereas some claim that she was a common-law wife. 

Georges is best known for inventing chromoluminarism and pointillism painting techniques. His lover was an artist’s model. People can see his lover in one of his oil on canvas paintings named Jeune femme se poudrant. 

In 1889, she lived with her partner in his studio on the seventh floor of 128 bis Boulevard de Clichy. However, Seurat kept their relationship a secret. Finally, it was publicized when the painting was exhibited in 1890. 

In addition, he changed the course of modern art by introducing Neo-Jatte to his work, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. It is also regarded as a late-nineteenth-century painting icon.

Georges Seurat Kids Died Shortly After His Death

Georges Seurat’s kids died shortly after his death. However, he and his lover were pregnant with their first child around 1889. The duo shifted to a studio at 39 passage de l’Élysée-des-Beaux-Arts when they found they were about to have a baby. 

On 16 February 1890, they gave birth to a son who was named Pierre-Georges. However, he could not survive after suffering from diseases that were attributed to a form of meningitis, pneumonia, infectious angina, and diphtheria.

His father had died from the same disease a few weeks before him. In addition, sources claim that Madeleine was pregnant with their second child when he died in 1991. Sadly, the infant also could not survive during or shortly after birth. 

Georges Seurat Came From Wealthy Family?

Georges Seurat was born into a wealthy family. His father, Antoine Chrysostome Seurat, was a former legal official who had become wealthy from speculating in property. His mother, Ernestine Faivre, was from Paris, whereas his dad was originally from Champagne. 

He had two elder siblings named Émile Augustin and Marie-Berthe. They were his older brother and sister. 

How Rich Was Georges Seurat? More On His Net Worth

Georges Seurat’s net worth is not mentioned on the internet. However, he came from a wealthy family and was also a professional painter in the 1800s.

Thus, we believe he may have an impressive net worth.