Who Is Pierre-Georges Seurat? Everything About The Son Of French Post-Impressionist Artist Georges Seurat

French artist Georges Seurat’s Son Pierre-Georges Seurat died shortly after his birth. He was born on 16th February in the year 1890.

Georges Seurat is a legendary French post-Impressionist artist. He is known for extraordinary painting techniques; chromoluminarism and pointillism. 

On the 162nd anniversary of Georges Seurat’s birth, Google created a Doodle in his honor. Get to know more about his family members below.

Georges Seurat Son Pierre-Georges Seurat Died Shortly After His Birth

Georges Seurat’s son Pierre-Georges Seurat is already dead. He was born on 16th February in the year 1890.

 Seurat has concealed his relationship with Madeleine Knobloch. They were living in now, the studio at 39 passage de.

According to Wikipedia, Seurat’s son Pierre-Georges died young, just two weeks after the death of his father in 1891.

Their cause of death is uncertain, however, both of them reportedly died from similar illnesses. Notably, meningitis, pneumonia, or diphtheria.

At the time being, there is only the birth certificate of Seurat’s son. There is no more information available about him since he died as a baby.

Furthermore, the legendary French artist had no other children in his life.

Who Is Georges Seurat Wife Madeleine Knobloch?

Georges Seurat never married, but he had a romantic relationship with Madeleine Knobloch.

Some claim she was his common-law wife, while others refer to her as his mistress.

Georges is primarily known for creating the painting styles of chromoluminarism and pointillism.

His sweetheart was a model for the artist. One of his oil on canvas paintings, Jeune femme se poudrant, features his lover.

More On Georges Seurat’s Family Members

Georges Seurat was born to a French family in Paris. His date of birth is recorded as the 2nd of December in the year 1859.

The family Seurat relocated to 136 Boulevard de Magenta until 1963. He was born to wealthy parents; Ernestine Faivre and Antoine Chrysostome.

His father is originally from Champagne, a northeastern territory in France. There he worked as a Government Offical related to property.

His father lived in Le Raincy and went to the boulevard de Magenta once a week to see his wife and children.

His mother is a Parisian, she gave birth to Georges’ elder siblings; brother Emile Augustin, and sister, Marie-Berthe.

Georges Seurat’s net worth is not mentioned on the internet. However, his paintings have been sold for millions of dollars in today’s time.

He came from a wealthy family and was also a professional painter in the 1800s.