Who Was Gay McIntyre? Jazz Legend Passed Away At 88 - More On The Story

Gay Mclntyre’s death has left all jazz fans mourning. He was one of the most excellent Irish jazz musicians. 

Mclntyre was a Donegal-born musician. He was considered the greatest jazz musician Ireland has ever produced. The alto sax and clarinet player had enthralled fans with a glimmering career of more than 70 years.

Tributes are flown to the legendary jazz musician Gay Mclntyre who has sadly passed away at the age of 88 in Derry. Our prayers and thoughts are with the deceased family and friends who have lost their precious gem.

Who Was Gay McIntyre?

Gay Mclntyre was an Irish jazz musician.

The extremely talented multi-instrumentalist was acclaimed across Ireland, the Uk, and also Europe. 

Clarinetist and saxophonist Mclntyre had legendary status in his hometown of Londonderry in Northern Ireland, but his high caliber of performing made his name in several famous walls of cities.

With an extensive range of expertise, retirement was not in his vocabulary, even at that age, he reflected that his music was getting better and better in taste.

Gay Mclntyre Death Cause Is Not Revealed

Gay Mclntyre’s death cause remains buried.

However, Mclntyre was aged 88. So, his death cause might be natural. But, there is no information about his illness or disease. He died yesterday morning surrounded by his family.

Death always creates deep heartbreak and an inexplicable sense of loss. There are many tributes on social media timelines of the affected families and close ones.

Mclntyre was born on 24th April 1933 in Ballybofey, County Donegal. He later moved to Derry where he began playing music inspired by his father.

In addition to that, he had played with some of the greatest names to ever grace in the world of jazz, including Louis Stewart, Nat King Cole, and so on.

More recently, Gay had both young and old each week during a residency at Derry’s Bennigan Jazz Club to eat from the palm of his hand while his solo remains a legendary venue.

We were deeply saddened when we heard the obituary of Mclntyre’s death, bringing so many sentiments. No matter what, he will eternally be in our hearts. 

Was He Seen On Wikipedia?

Gay Mclntyre was not featured on Wikipedia.

Despite being one of the greatest and renowned jazz musicians, Mclntyre is yet to get a place on the official page of Wikipedia.

Well, his obituary is published on several web portals. He regularly attends Derry and Cork jazz festivals and has also performed at jazz festivals across continental Europe.

Gay Mclntyre Was Married To His Wife Paul

Gay Mclntyre had a wife named Paul. 

We’re expressing condolence and deep sympathy to his wife, all his family, and the jazz community. We’ll always cherish the time he played jazz.

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