What Happened To Ernest Khalimov? Car Accident, Is He Dead or Alive?

What Happened To Ernest Khalimov? Car Accident, Is He Dead or Alive?

What happened to Ernest Khalimov. His followers are worried about his health updates. 

Ernest Khalimov is a well-known model and a Russian bodybuilder. He is known as one of the finest models in the country and has represented most of the brand’s wear.

Being a popular model, he has many fan followers who want to know him better. However, his popularity has also tangled him into different rumors and controversies. 

 In 2021, Khalimov fell into a rumor that created an uproar among his admirers. Let’s find out what happened to the model after the gossip. 

What Happened To Ernest Khalimov? 

A professional bodybuilder and a fitness model, Ernest faced a huge rumor back in 2021. As per the gossip, he had a car accident. 

The rumors made such big news making his fans concerned about him. It all started with some random post over the internet. 

And with the help of the web, it didn’t even take longer for it to get viral. Eventually, it created chaos over social media. 

There was no official news about his accident and death. And his followers were so desperate to know the truth. 

Ernest Khalimov Car Accident: Is GigaChad Dead Or Alive?

The whole car accident rumors about Ernest turn out to be false. There were no car accidents, and a model is doing completely fine. 

Moreover, it just seems like a death hoax of the model. He is alive and carrying out his life and career. 

Khalimov is also known as the Gigachad and one of the most popular internet personalities. With the death rumors getting viral over the internet, he also faces different memes on social media. 

Ernest also thanked his fan followers for their support. Also, he mentioned that he does not really have a Sociable personality. 

Is Ernest Khalimov On Wikipedia? 

No, Ernest did not get featured on the Wikipedia page. The model went viral over social media after the accidents and death rumors. 

He has caught much attention with the memes based on him as well. Khalimov is one of the top Russian fitness models. 

Ernest was born on 1 March 1969 in Moscow, Russia. As of now, he is 52-years-of age and has a sun sign of Pisces. 

The model has not much shared about his personal details and likes to live to keep his privacy. Even so, he is available on Instagram with the user handle @berlin.1969

For the moment, his account is not verified and he has 760k followers. 

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