Dusty Slay Wikipedia - Age and Net Worth, Is The Comedian Married With A Wife?

Dusty Slay Wikipedia – Age and Net Worth, Is The Comedian Married With A Wife?

Dusty Slay is a standup comedian appearing on ‘The Standups’, streaming on Netflix for the third season now according to Wikipedia.

The Standups is known to feature a blend of comic artists who is at different stages of their career and the Netflix has presented us with a fresh new face Dusty Slay.

The American comedy streaming television series has a 30-minute recording of stand-up comedians whose third season premiered on 29 December 2021.

Dusty Slay has also appeared in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel.

Dusty Slay Wikipedia And Biography Explored

Dusty Slay is a comedian, actor, and writer who is yet to be presented on the official page of Wikipedia.

Dusty is known for Laughs in 2014, The Standups in 2017, and Somewhat Damaged Podcast in 2021.

He is now featured on the new series called “The Standups” where the comedians are generally less well-known than comics who have stand-alone specials.

Dusty Slay came from a broken family who divorced when he was young. He parted his childhood by spending time between the two of them.

His mom lived in an Alabama trailer park whereas his dad lived on a farm outside of LaFayette.

Growing up in a broken family they smoked a lot inside the trailer and with no money, he considered his mom a homebody.

Dividing his time with both of his parents, he has so many memories he shared on the stage and they are hilarious.

How Old Is Dusty Slay Age? 

Dusty Slay is 39 years of age as he was born in 1982 on 18 May. He hails from Opelika Alabama and he now resides in Nashville. Tennessee, USA.

He grew up in an Alabama trailer park and he has so many stories of his blackout drunk memories.

The comic stands at a height of around 5 feet and 10 inches tall or 178 cm.

Dusty has long blackish brown hair and dazzling brown eyes.

With his trucker hat and a wave of his catchphrase, he is definitely here to win our hearts.

Dusty Slay Net Worth Before Undergoing Surgery 

Dusty Slay had a net worth of $700 thousand dollars before he had to undergo surgery for an unrevealed health issue.

The surgery was performed on March 2021 and since then he has been dealing with it.

The operation went well and he was back on performing standups.

Furthermore, he has a website that sells caps and t-shirts on dustyslay.com which lets him earn additional income.

Comedian Dusty Slay Is Married To Wife Hannah Hogan

The comedian Dusty Slay is happily married to his wife Hannah Hogan for quite some time already. Hanna is also a standup comedian, actress, and writer from Canada.

Although there is no information regarding how they met and fell in love, they now are living the best time of their life.

The couple also started a podcast “We’re Having A Good Time” about their journey on road as a comic. But soon Hanna left the show in March of 2021 and Dusty hosted the show alone for a while.

Hanna can be seen acting in Nothing Shocks Anyone Anymore in 2006, To Each Her Own in 2008, That’s So Wrong in 2011, and Meet The Family in 2014.