Does Michael Fabricant Wear A Wig, Or Is His Hair Real? Details To Know As The MP Hair Creates Debate

Does Michael Fabricant Wear A Wig, Or Is His Hair Real? Details To Know As The MP Hair Creates Debate

Michael Fabricant’s hair has made as many debates as the people in the parliament do. Does he wear a wig? Or is his hair real? Here is everything to know about his alleged wig. 

Michael Fabricant defends Prime Minister Johnson on his covid rule-breaking parties at Downing Street. The Lichfield MP mentioned that the prime minister’s weakness is his loyalty to the people he works with. 

Moreover, the long-time MP has come into the spotlight for numerous reasons, one for wearing the alleged wig. A lot of MPs and politicians believe that he wears a blonde wig. Does he?

Does Michael Fabricant wear a Wig or Is his hair real?

Michael Fabricant has assured everyone that he doesn’t wear a wig. 

However, a lot of people including other MPs and politicians believe that he is lying when he says that. Many believe that Fabricant does sport a wig. He is known for his moderately long blonde hair. 

When asked about his alleged wig, the Litchfield MP stated that he has undergone “some enhancement in the follicular area.” However, we don’t know what kind of enhancement it is. 

Likewise, a lot of people also believe that the politician wears a wig and not many are a fan of it either. 

Michael Fabricant Wife And Children: Get To Know His Family

Michael Fabricant is not married to anyone at the moment. 

Nonetheless, the politician keeps details about his personal life far away from the reach of the media. The politician is openly bisexual. He describes himself as “not exclusively gay.”

Talking about his family, his father, Issac Fabricant was a rabbi of the Brighton and Hove Synagogue. The politician was born to a British-Jewish family and was raised by his mother, Helena Fabricant. 

Michael Fabricant Wikipedia Bio To Know

Michael Fabricant is a British politician who serves as the MP for Lichfield in Staffordshire. 

Having been involved in politics since 1987, Fabricant was nominated as a member of parliament for the first time in 1992 with the majority of the votes. 

Moreover, the MP has not been defeated in Lichfield ever since. He has been serving as the MP for almost 30 years now. He is a member of the conservative party. 

Find Michael Fabricant on Twitter

Michael Fabricant is quite active on Twitter where he makes his opinions heard. 

The politician loves getting into Twitter debates and his official account has over 43k followers as of 2022. 

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Last Modified: January 11, 2022

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Why Does Michael Fabricant Wear A Wig? Everything To Know About The British Politician