Dateline: Derek Alldred Wikipedia, Where Is Today? What Did He Do?

Dateline: Derek Alldred Wikipedia, Where Is Today? What Did He Do?

Derek Alldred is a notorious name on the internet for quite a while as he scammed a lot of women while dating them, as per Wikipedia.

Derek Alldred is a conman who conned nine women that he met through dating sites. He stole about $2 million from those women and has been jailed for his wrongdoings.

He has been disguising himself as a navy seal officer, US Navy pilot, a professor, a security analyst, a lawyer, a doctor, and a firefighter to trick women into believing him. After gaining their trust he used to steal their credit cards number and empty their bank accounts in the end.

Dateline: Derek Alldred The Perfect Guy Wikipedia Explored

Derek Alldred is a 50-year-old who described himself as the perfect guy to almost every woman he dated. So, he could trick his way to their money. He met his target woman to con through dating sites.

He would always meet women as he is a rich and generous businessman and gained the trust of the woman. So, he could access their money and finances. One woman reported him tricking her and taking all her savings to the police. But during the investigation, police let him out.

But while coning a woman in Texas, he was finally put behind the bars. During his interview with the Dateline NBC correspondent, he was asked that the women he had dated blamed him for destroying their life and what he had to say for that statement.

He said that he accepts that he had been a horrible boyfriend. But, the thing about destroying their lives is a bit of exaggeration. His statement didn’t match because he was the one who ended up emptying the savings of worth 200,000 of a woman and led many women to lose their business and even their homes.

Where Is Con Man Derek Alldred Today?

The infamous con man, Derek Alldred today is in the state prison in Oregon, where he is serving his 24-year sentence period. Similarly, his crime is exploiting women and running away after taking all their money from their bank account. 

This type of scam is quite common around valentines day as many people prefer to go to dating sites to find their partner for valentine’s day. But no one can be sure of the scam and betrayal they might get from the people they meet online.

So, be careful when meeting and trusting the people you meet online cause it is too easy to get tricked by such phony people as they are good at acting and can trick you with their charms and skills.

What Did Derek Alldred Do?

Derek Alldred conned many women while dating them and, cleared their savings from their accounts. He had been unable to get captured by the police although, there were complaints from the women from Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas.

But, when he was going to con Dory from Texas he did a mistake that involved federal. So, the judge took the case and put him to 24 years imprisonment. All the women are happy that they finally got the justice they deserve.

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