Who Is croissantwoman on Tiktok? Real Name and Age, Find Her On Instagram

Croissantwoman is a TikTok star who has gained popularity by sharing her experiences at work. 

A female TikToker has managed to catch the public’s eye after she shared her short content. The viewers and users have known her by the name Croissantwoman.

Most of her content is uniques which outshines other viral videos. Regardless of her popularity, the woman has remained kind of mysterious to every viewer.

As a social media personality, her fan followers have shown interest in her personal life. Here you can find more information about the viral Croissantwoman.

Who Is Croissantwoman On Tiktok? 

Croissantwoman is a TikTok star who mainly posts her life content and experiences over social media. Her users have found her content entertaining. 

She has her TikTok with the user handle @croissantwoman, with 1.5 million followers and 22.2 million likes. Her followers and likes keep on growing with her popularity.

The woman is a worker in a mall and has talked about her experience with customers during her shift. She is also a cat lover and has a cat named Charlie.

She shares an everyday work experience with her viewers, making her videos unique and entertaining. Additionally, she works at the Weather Gear clothing store.


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Discover Croissantwoman Real Name And Age 

Despite being a popular figure on TikTok, Croissantwoman has not shared her personal details with the public. Also, she has yet to reveal her real name and age.

However, in one of her latest videos, she talked about her experience with an old lady, a customer called her Michelle. The TikToker mentioned that she goes with the flow, although that’s not her real name.

Despite not revealing her birth date, she looks like she is in her 20s of age. Still and all, her actual birth date is unavailable.

Croissantwoman mentioned previously living in Paris, France. Further, she moved to Alberta, Canada, with her parents. 

The TikToker also has a sibling sister who sometimes appears in her videos.


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Croissantwoman Find Her On Instagram

Croissantwoman is available on Instagram with the user handle @croissant_woman. She is less active on Insta than on her TikTok videos. 

Her account is yet to get verified at the moment. She has 16.3k followers and only six posts on her Instagram. 

She has added a link to MGMT entertainment and her TikTok in her bio. Other than that, she has not revealed many details about her. 

Regardless, her popularity is rising every day on social media platforms.