Who Is Christian Pulisic Girlfriend? More on His Partner and Family Details

Who Is Christian Pulisic Girlfriend? More on His Partner and Family Details

Christian Pulisic is now single and devoted to his profession. He is highly accomplished and is currently at the pinnacle of his career.

Christian Pulisic has never been in controversy as in the case of girls.

He appears to be highly focused on his work, and he seems to be a private individual who does not provide personal information to the media.

Who Is Christian Pulisic Girlfriend -Is He Married?

Christian Pulisic is currently single, at least in public. According to his father, he hasn’t had much experience with the women, who in a recent interview, he stated that he has never had a “serious relationship.”

He has at least one previous relationship. He’s never been married or even engaged.

His personal life has remained quiet and out of the spotlight. In the media, he rarely discusses his personal life. He never speaks openly about his personal life.

He appears to be focused entirely on his profession right now, with no time for his personal life.

Christian Pulisic Family Facts

Christian Pulisic grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and spent most of his youth there. 

Kelley and Mark Pulisic played collegiate soccer at George Mason University. After playing professional indoor soccer with the Harrisburg Heat in the 1990s, his father went on to coach at both the juvenile and professional levels.

He spent a year in Tackley, Oxfordshire, while his father was on a Fulbright teaching exchange in England. He started playing for Brackley Town’s young squad when he was seven.

He lived in Michigan and played for Michigan Rush when his father was the general manager of the indoor team Detroit Ignition in the mid-2000s. He went to Workman Elementary School in Michigan.

Christian Pulisic Net Worth

Christian Pulisic’s net worth is estimated to be $15 million as January 2022.

Chelsea invested $73.1 million for him, and his monthly wage at the club is projected to be $1.1 million.

He was in the news for several days due to his $73 million transfer to Chelsea, which makes him the most costly player in the league.

Christian has amassed all of his wealth through his professional soccer career. His contract with Borussia Dortmund was a multimillion-dollar deal.