Chippendales: Who Is Irene Banerjee? Steve Banerjee Wife and Net Worth

Chippendales: Who Is Irene Banerjee? Steve Banerjee Wife and Net Worth

Irene Banerjee is the wife of famous Chippendales dancing club owner Steve Banerjee. We have more on her.

Chippendales first started with a nametag of ‘Destiny2’ and later Steve named it after the brand of furniture featuring the same Chippendales style of the room.

Chippendales went famous as the boys stripping dance group in 1979 flourishing around New York urban sites.

Irene’s husband was later jailed for his involvement in a planned murder of dance choreographers Nick de Noia, Read Scott, and many others.

Similarly, he pleaded guilty for the motive-murder of other co-stars, and a day prior to his death sentence he committed suicide in jail.

Chippendales: Who Is Steve Banerjee Wife Irene Banerjee? 

Irene Banerjee is the wife of Steve Banerjee, the owner of America’s first all-male stripping dance club Chippendales in New York.

Irene is based in Los Angeles, California and she was married to Indian entrepreneur Steve who was later convicted of murder, arson, and motive killing of choreographers and male dancers.

Irene has been widowed since her husband Steve committed suicide by hanging in his cell after he was being given the death penalty the following day.

Irene also filed his husband’s authentic death report on February 26, 1996, where she stated about the suicide he committed and the impartiality of the jail authority in this action.

The surviving spouse to the creator of Men’s stripping club later petitioned for the dismissal of her own report action.

After the fourth month post of the initial filing of the report, the Court removed the file and details expressed by Irene.

Irene Banerjee Net Worth

Irene Banerjee’s net worth is believed to subside nearby the $1 million mark.

Irene was stunned by the labels of charges imposed on her husband after his arrest.

The planned murder and arson cases caused her to lose her mind and hate the business to its core.

On July 29, 1994, Steve handed over the business rights to his wife while he was serving jail.

The estranged wife Irene then sold the business for $2.5 million.

The club that would generate nearly 2 million a year and would have pushed Irene’s net worth to higher standards was hated so much by her that she sold it and then divorced her husband.

Chippendales Owner Steve Banerjee: Business And Death Cause

Steve Banerjee killed Nick de Noia over the power issues and to gain utmost control over the dance crews for more profit and constant revenues.

His business reputation was hampered after the murder details went public and he was also subjected to arson, theft, and extortion cases.

The Chippendales business then plunged during his jail period and more to add fuel to the wrath flame, his wife divorced him in 1994 and sold the leftover business at a cheap price of fewer than 3 million dollars.

He then committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell just a day before his death sentence.

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